At the close of the last chapter, Chen Gong was about to slay Cao Cao. But Chen Gong reflected, “I joined him to do righteous things. Now if I killed him, I would only do unrighteousness, and the people would condemn me. I rather leave in silence.” Rising from his bed before the sunrise, Chen Gong mounted his horse and rode away eastward to his home county of Dongjun. Cao Cao awoke with the day and missed his companion. Thought he, “Chen Gong thinks me brutal because of a couple of egoistic phrases I used, and so he has gone. I ought to push onRead More →

Cao Cao paid no heed, urging his horse forward. But he suddenly drew his sword and rode back after Lu Boshe. “Who is that coming along?” called Cao Cao. Lu Boshe turned and looked back, and Cao Cao at the same instant cut Lu Boshe down. Chen Gong was frightened. “We were wrong enough before,” cried Chen Gong. “What now is this?” “When he got home and saw his family killed, think you he would bear it patiently? If he had raised an alarm and followed us, we should have been killed.”   “To kill deliberately is very wrong,” said Chen Gong.   [e] Karl, a reader:Read More →

Cao Cao told him and said, “Had it not been for this man here with me, I should have been already hacked to pieces.” Lu Boshe bowed low to Chen Gong, saying, “You are the salvation of the Cao family. But be at ease and rest, I will find you a bed in my humble cottage.” Lu Boshe then rose and went into the inner chamber where he stayed a long time. When he came out, he said, “There is no good wine in the house. I am going over to the village to get some for you.” And he hastily mounted his donkey andRead More →

the Magistrate ordered Cao Cao to the prison till the morrow when he could send Cao Cao to the capital and claim the reward. He gave the soldiers wine and food as a reward. About midnight the Magistrate sent a trusty servant to bring the prisoner into his private rooms for interrogation. “they say the Prime Minister treated you well. Why did you try to harm him?” said Magistrate. “How can swallows and sparrows understand the flight of the crane and the wild goose? I am your prisoner and to be sent to the capital for a reward. Why so many questions?” the Magistrate sentRead More →

then they went out to look at the horse. Cao Cao was profuse in his thanks and said he would like to try the horse. So Dong Zhuo bade the guards bring saddle and bridle. Cao Cao led the creature outside, leapt into the saddle, laid on his whip vigorously, and galloped away eastward. Lu Bu said, “Just as I was coming up, it seemed to me as if that fellow was going to stab you, only a sudden panic seized him and he presented the weapon instead.” “I suspected him too!” said Dong Zhuo. Just then Li Ru came in and they told him.Read More →

“What good fortune for the world that this is so!” said Wang Yun. With this Wang Yun himself poured out a goblet for Cao Cao who drained it and swore an oath. After this the treasured sword was brought out and given to Cao Cao who hid it under his dress. He finished his wine, took leave of the guests, and left the hall. Before long the others dispersed.   the next day Cao Cao, with this short sword girded on, came to the palace of the Prime Minister.   “Where is the Prime Minister?” asked he.   “In the small guest room,” replied the attendants.   So CaoRead More →

“We certainly will,” they cried, “and wish you long life.” That night the tables were spread in an inner room, and his friends gathered there. When the wine had made a few rounds, the host suddenly covered his face and began to weep. the guests were aghast. “Sir, on your birthday too, why do you weep?” said they.   “It is not my birthday,” replied Wang Yun. “But I wished to call you together, and I feared lest Dong Zhuo should suspect, so I made that the excuse. This man insults the Emperor and does as he wishes so that the imperial prerogatives are in imminentRead More →

A general named Wu Fu was disgusted at this ferocity and sought a chance to slay Dong Zhuo. Wu Fu constantly wore a breastplate underneath his court dress and carried in conceal a sharp dagger. One day when Dong Zhuo came to court, Wu Fu met him on the steps and tried to stab him. But Dong Zhuo was a very powerful man and held Wu Fu off till Lu Bu came to his help. Lu Bu struck down the assailant. “Who told you to rebel?” said Dong Zhuo. Wu Fu glared at him and cried, “You are not my prince, I am not yourRead More →

“Let me say farewell to my mother,” begged he, and he did so in these lines: [hip, hip, hip]“the heaven and earth are changed, Alas! the sun and the moon leave their courses, I, once the center of all eyes, am driven to the farthest confines, Oppressed by an arrogant minister my life nears its end, Everything fails me and vain are my falling tears.”[yip, yip, yip] Lady Tang sang: [hip, hip, hip]“Heaven is to be rent asunder, Earth to fall away, I, handmaid of an emperor, would grieve if I followed him not. We have come to the parting of ways, the quick andRead More →

“Spring and the GREen of the tender grass, Flushes with joy as the swallows pass; tender grass, Flushes with joy as the swallows pass; The wayfarers pause by the rippling stream , And their eyes will new born gladness gleam; With lingering gaze the roofs I see Of the Palace that one time sheltered me. But those whom I sheltered in all righteousness, Let’s not stay in silence when the days pass useless?”[yip, yip, yip] the messenger, sent by Dong Zhuo from time to time to the palace for news of the prisoners, got hold of this poem and showed it to his master. “SoRead More →