The volunteer team-led by Wu Liangliang, a security guard who has gained online fame for his fluent self-taught En glish-has also been part of the site’s efforts to provide a more personal management style, in addition to the city go vernment’s introduction of various measures, including a mobile app, to help tourists. Larry Goodrich, from Seattle, who has been traveling with his wife in the Yangtze River Delta for three weeks, lauded the volunteers’ contributions. Having worked in the computer industry since “the era of brick-si zed cellphones”, the 65-year-old said that while technology has provided unimaginable con venience, traveling is about being a partRead More →

sian Airlines, was bound from Moscow for Murmansk in Russia’s far north. It made an emergency landing at the airport shortly after takeoff with 73 passengers and five crew members aboard. The aircraft circled before making a hard landing back at the airport after the crew issued a mayday alert. As seen in CCTV footage, the plane touched down hard and skidded along the runway, spewing out plumes of black smok e and nearly completely afire. The plane’s undercarriage collapsed as it slowed to a halt on the tarmac. Yelena Markovskaya, spokeswoman for the Moscow interregional tr ansport investigation department of the Investigative Committee ofRead More →

  considering socialism to look to Venezuela to see its failures.   ”Socialism is not about the environment, it’s not about justic e, it’s not about virtue,” he said. “Socialism is about only one thing — it’s called power for the ruling class, that’s what it is. Look at what’s happening in Venezuela and so many other places.”   Green New Deal   Trump came out swinging against the Green New Deal, calling the progressive climate plan an attempt by Democrats to “com pletely take over American energy and completely destroy America’s economy through their new $100 trillion Gr een New Deal … which somebody described as a highRead More →

orientated enterprises and will serve as a prelude to capital market reforms in a broader scope. To better serve high-quality economic growth, the commission will carefully evaluate the effect of various reform and innov ation measures on the new board, based on which fine-tuning measures for the ChiNext and the National Equities E xchange and Quotations could be pushed forward in a coordinated way, Yi stressed. The ChiNext and the NEEQ are both existing equity trading platforms, mainly servi ng China’s Nasdaq-style high-growth enterprises and medium to small-sized enterprises, respectively. The commission will “pay attention to keep a balance between differe nt sub-markets” to launchRead More →

  Some time ago Oscar to participate in a variety show, the audience found him become fat, then, O scar hard exercise to lose weight, back to before the handsome appearance.   Behold, on the evening of January 29 small New Year party, Oscar appeared in a red suit, but he looks very bloated shape, sparked by netizens.A little later, Osc ar through weibo response to fat, said: “thank you, my fat affects everyone’s hearts.”   Netizens have watched and leave your message after see this weibo, said: “gr oup is good to lose weight.””Elder brother in the New Year is also hand some, oh!””Ha, ha, ha, theRead More →

In the 28th round of the League match, Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team won 119-87 away to the North Control Men’s Basketball Team, winning 17 consecutive wins. However, the focus of people’s attention is not the competition itself, but the “CBA first net red” Guo Allen sent the classic “coquettish” expression pack. When the fourth quarter just played 7 seconds, Guo Allen held the ball in the midline position, Li Xiaoxu came to do the block, Shulong was blocked, Zhang Minghao destroyed the ball when he shot and grabbed it. But the referee gave the ball to the North Control Men’s Basketball Team. At this time,Read More →

“If you do not, we cannot live in pence,” said they. To these requests his brothers added their persuasion, till at length he consented to assume the administrative duties. He forthwith appointed Sun Qian and Mi Zhu as his Advisers, and Chen Deng his Secretary. He moved his army from Xiaopei to Xuzhou City, and he put forth proclamations to reassure the people.   He also attended to the burial ceremonies; he and all his army dressing in mourning. After the fullest sacrifices and ceremonies, a burial place for the late Imperial Protector was found close to the source of the Yellow River. The dead man’sRead More →

A wave of fierce wrath rolled up in Lu Bu. Banging the table he shouted and roared. His host ostentatiously tried to calm him, saying, “I forgot myself. I should not have spoken like that. Do not be so angry, I pray!” “I will kill the wretch, I swear it! In no other way can I wash away my shame.” “No, no! Do not say such a thing,” said Wang Yun, putting his hand over the other’s mouth. “You will bring trouble on poor me and my family.”   “When one is born GREat, one cannot be patient for long under another person’s domination,” said LuRead More →

the person who collided with the irate Dong Zhuo was his most trusty adviser Li Ru. Li Ru had not fallen in spite of the shock and at once scrambled to help Dong Zhuo to regain his feet and led him inside to the library, where they sat down. “What were you coming about?” said Dong Zhuo. “Happening to be passing your gates, I heard that you had gone into your private garden to look for your adopted son. then came Lu Bu running and crying out that you wanted to kill him, and I was coming in as fast as I could to intercedeRead More →

He angrily rebuked his son, saying, “Dare you make love to my beauty?” He told the servants to turn Lu Bu out, shouting, “Never let him enter here again!” Lu Bu went off home very wrath. Meeting Li Ru, he told Li Ru the cause of his anger. the adviser hastened to see his master and said, “Sir, you aspire to be ruler of the empire. Why then for a small fault do you blame the General? If he turns against you, it is all over.” “then what can I do?” said Dong Zhuo.   “Recall him tomorrow; treat him well; overwhelm him with gifts andRead More →