um for Asia, that China will grant 5G licenses this year, but didn’t disclose a specific date. “5G, industrial internet and the internet of vehicles are among the country’s top development priorities in the teleco mmunications industry,” Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sa id on Friday during the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. Zhang called for accelerated efforts to set standards in key areas, including 5G, to expedite th e commercialization of this forefront technology and bolster the nation’s core competitiveness. Major Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies Co has already unveiled its first 5G chip and firstRead More →

ent. External critics of China don’t appreciate that Chinese themselves realize there are issues to be addressed. They are doing so. These developments should be encouraged.” President Xi Jinping, who spoke at the Second Belt and Road Foru m for International Cooperation in Beijing recen tly, listed areas in which China will improve the environment for foreign investment. The president said the nation will work hard to create a business environ ment that respects the value of intellectual prop erty, will improve the legal system for IPR protection at all levels, will strengthen law enforcement and pr otection for the legitimate rights and interests ofRead More →

Mainland slams response by island’s leader, who called exercise ‘a threat’ A spokesman for the Chinese mainland said a military drill by Chinese bombers and warships around Taiwan on Monday was routin e and slammed the island’s administration for misleading the Taiwan people and hyping tensions. On Monday, various warships, bombers and reconnaissance aircr aft of the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command conducted “necessary train ing” around Taiwan as a means to test the joint assault capability between different branches of the military, Senior Colone l Zhang Chunhui, the theater command’s spokesman, said in a statement on Monday. The exercise took place in watersRead More →

China will implement a group of measures to cut value-added ta x rates, ensuring that the tax burden on all industries will only go down, according to a decision made by the State Council’s executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday. The Government Work Report this year set out a plan for l arger tax cuts, including lowering the VAT rate in manufacturing and other industries from 16 t o 13 percent and the VAT rate in transportation, construction and other industries from 10 to 9 percent. A number of concrete measures were decided upon at the Wednesday meeting to achieve theRead More →

repair roads, bridges, schools, communication lines and provide healthcare to those affected. The country is in poor shape to withstand the financial impact of a disaster: Zimbabwe is cur rently in the grip of a deep economic crisis. The Zimbabwe Information Ministry shared pictures of some pupils who had been res cued from a boarding school in Chimanimani District, one of the worst-affected areas in the east of the country. Br idges were swept away, and power and communication lines in the area have been cut off. St Charles Lwanga School children are now safely in Chiping e and currently receiving medical attention. —Read More →

hinese women are buying more for themselves than they have in the past, according to a new report on Chinese women’s consumption. The report was released one day before this year’s International Women’s Day by Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, Tmall. More women are spending to please themselves instead of other people, the report said. Tmall’s data showed that women’s consumption of books, tourism expe riences, wire-free bras, flat shoes, flowers and other “treat-yourself” products continues to grow significantly. Women born in the 1980s placed a total of 48.06 million book orders on Tmall in the past year, while according to data from Fliggy, Alibaba’s travel arm, the same group spent most on travel, China’s Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China’s Macao and Singapore their favorite destinations.Read More →

Preparation work for China’s ground-breaking science and technology innovation boa rd is in full swing, with more supporting measures in the pipeline and detailed rules to be an nounced soon, said China’s securities watchdog and the Shanghai bourse on Wednesday. “On the whole, related work for the new board has gone rather smoothly. And we will continue to make solid and me ticulous preparations to launch this major reform in an effective way,” said Yi Huiman, the newly appointed chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, when convening his first-ever press conference on Wednesday. Detailed rules of the new board will be available soon toRead More →

In Pyongyang, Biegun and Kim Hyok Chol, DPRK’s special representative for US affairs, discussed “advancing Trump and Kim’s Singapore summit commitments of complete denuclearization, transforming US-(DPRK) relations, and building a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula,” the US State Department said in a statement. Trump and Kim met for their first summit in Singapore last June, during which Kim pledged to work toward the “co mplete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula, without providing a clear timetable or roadmap. US-led diplomacy aimed at getting the DPRK to abandon its nuclear program in return for outside concessions has since made little headway. Calling the AU a bannerRead More →

Students who want to join the club must get a university certificate for deep water swimming and a recommendation from no less than tw o senior members of the club, according to Yin Ximing, a Ph.D. student at the Economics and Ma nagement School of Tsinghua University, who is also the founder of the university’s winter swimming club. The university is supportive of the sport, and winter swimming is carried out in the sc hool’s West Lake Swimming Pool, which has an outdoor deep water zone and shallow end. Early in 1919, Tsinghua University incorporated swimming into its school regula tions, stating that those whoRead More →

As for the topic of what is Page, it has been on the hot search list of Sina Weibo. There are more than 1.1 million searches. This topic can be expressed by a lyric: “No bit of pre paredness, no slight concern, you just appear like this.” Not only the hot topic on Sina Weibo, but also the six-minute tear film “What is Page” has blown up t he circle of friends! Not to mention, the little buddies who haven’t seen this video must be curious about it, so let’s watch it together. To say how much the video is, even President Wang and HanRead More →