cities have a faster growth rate of total retail sales of consum er goods due to differences in industrial structure, according to the report.上海夜生活 In general, southern Chinese cities’ per capita disposable income is also higher than nort 上海夜生活品茶微信hern Chinese cities, which need to accelerate industrial transformation, the report said. Developing the night economy has been an important measure to stimulate the vitality o f consumption and release consumption potential in various Chinese cities.上海夜生活  Breaking-up may be hard for many people, but it might also prove to be a gold mine for some. For Li Fangfang, 27, the “breakup economy” is obvious in the “breakupRead More →

At its founding, the government of Tianhe provided the com pany with 100,000 yuan ($15,120) and helped it to settle into its offices.上海夜生活 “UC has benefited from the government’s considerate services, the favorable business上海夜生活 environment and the orderly urban life of the district in its long-term development,” Huang said. 上海夜生活品茶微信He added that, thanks to the sound business environment, the well-established internet industry supply chain and improved intellectual property protection, Tianhe plays a key role in the sustainable development of internet enterprises. In accordance with the district’s goal, UC will focus more on content, digitalization and globalization上海夜生活品茶微信 to become an international top technological innovation enterprise, accordingRead More →

border e-commerce for the first time, in order to panoramically present the Chinese industrial business chain. The exhibition includes four main areas – an importer area, exporter area, integrated service provider area and international area. Chen Haiquan, head of Guangdong Asia-Pacific E-commerce Research Institute, said cross-border e-commerce is considered an important engine of China’s innovation-driven development. he ongoing 13th China International SME Fair, which is being held from Oct 10 to 27 in Guang zhou, has organized four industrial exhibitions for visitors and professional buyers both from home and abroad. Energy Conservation ExhibitionDate and Location: Oct 10-13; Poly World Trade Center Expo Energy-saving and emission-reductionRead More →

Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou’s team on Monday announced major scientific breakthroughs in treatment of artemisinin resistance. Sweet wormwood was used in ancient Chinese therapy to treat various illnesses, including fevers typical of mala ria. Nearly five decades ago, Chinese scientists, including Tu, identified its active ingredient, artemisinin. In 2005, the WHO recommended Artemisinin-based Combin ation Therapies as the most effective malaria treatment available. However, the World Malaria Report 2018 published by the World Health Organiza tion said that after an unprecedented period of success in global malaria control, progress has stalled. Art emisinin resistance and partner drug resistance has been reported in Greater MekongRead More →

 restart communicat上海夜生活品茶微信ion with all sectors of society, do more to explain the bill and listen to different views on the matter. Lam did not give details on the resumption of the legislation work. T he legislation will only be resumed after the public consultation is completed, she added. The government promises to report to and consult with members of the Leg islative Council Panel of Security before deciding the next course of action, she stressed. The Foreign Ministry said the central government supports, respects and understands the decision of the Hong Ko ng Special Administrative Region government to suspend the amendment to the extradition law.Read More →

ed “a very positive attitude and great perseverance” in competitions, the association s aid on Friday. “We are confident that Team China will again try its best to chase their World Cup dream,” it said. The association also announced that it has set up a preparatory gro up for the upcoming election of new leadership, which is scheduled for next month. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of Shanghai International Port (Group) Co, which owns th e Chinese Super League’s Shanghai SIPG, has been appointed to lead the group. According to Beijing Youth Daily, Lippi will arrive in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Tuesday. His first task will beRead More →

The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, which will be he nth following the proposal of President Xi Jinping, demonstrates China’s deep thinking and responsibility for promoting the development of civilization in Asia and the world. The conferenc e will have great and far-reaching significance to the construction of a community of shared future for mankind. The history of humanity is one of the coexistence and joint development of multiple civilizations. In his article on excha nges among civilizations and mutual learning, published by the Qiushi journal on May 1, Xi wrote that “civil ization becomes colorful because of exchanges, and abundant because of mutualRead More →

Emirates Pavilion, hasn’t had time yet to visit the China Pavilion as he has been busy with his own pavilion. “We will have more time later to have a walk in the park, and the China Pavilion will be our first stop for sure,” he said. The International Pavilion, a venue for international horticultural exhibitions and competitions duri ng the expo, has a public space with an overhang made of 94 structures representing flowers and umbrellas. As the exhibition will also be held during the hottest days of the Beijing summer, these o verhead structures will help reduce muggy conditions for crowds waiting in lineRead More →

 multilateral trade agreements, saying that Chinese people value a promise as much as tons of gold. China pays close attention to building a law-based government, abolishing improper r ules, subsidies and activities that undermine fair competition and treating all enterprises equally, Xi said. The president highlighted building infrastructure of high quality, sustain ability, risk resilience, reasonable pricing, inclusiveness and accessibility under the Belt and Road Initiative. Infrastructure is a bottleneck in the development of many nations , Xi said, and building infrastructure can help countries give full play to their ad vantages in resources and better integrate into the global supply, industry and value chains.Read More →

 tool to search for and detect black holes of all sizes and wavelengths in the n ext two decades,” Wu Qingwen, a professor at the School of Physics of Huazhong Uni versity of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei province, said on Thursday. On Wednesday, the Event Horizon Telescope, a global array of e ight ground-based radio telescopes, revealed the first-ever image of a black hole. Wu was one of the more than 200 astronomers worldwi de involved in the EHT collaboration, which captured the first vi sible representation of what are considered the most extreme objects in the universe. International collaboration is vital forRead More →