stration show China had 5,354 museums by the end of 2018, and museums across the country held some 2 6,000 exhibitions in 2018 and received 1.126 billion people, an increase of 30 percent and 16 percent, respectively. The International Council of Museums organized the annual I nternational Museum Day in 1977 to address the changing roles of museums. Museums across the world are reinventing their roles to become more interacti ve, audience focused and active in delivering creativity and knowledge to their communities.School students and adult visitors learn about making prints and carving stamp seals and learn about the appreciation of and technological me thodsRead More →

Liu Ruilin, Party secretary and president of Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University, has been re moved from his positions after five babies died and 14 fell ill during an enterovirus outbreak at the hospital. The five newborns who died had other underlying diseases, such as pneumonia, before contracti ng the virus, according to a statement from the Guangdong Health Commission on Saturday. Thirteen of the sick babies have been discharged from the hospital, wh ile the other one continues to be treated and is in a stable condition, the commission said. An investigation determined that the case became serious becaus e of the combinationRead More →

ups that have spent years raising money in private rounds at record prices. Many of these com panies are now looking to follow with their own IPO. Some, like Uber and Lyft, are unprofitable. Workplace messaging company Slack Technologies Inc plans to hold an investor presentation on Monday in adv ance of its direct listing next month. Grocery and food delivery platform Postmates, WeWork owner The We Co mpany and online mattress retailer Casper Sleep are among startups seeking to launch IPOs this year. “If a venture capital investor wants to burn cash they can do that as long as they want, bu t onceRead More →

To ease the anxiety of parents, especially moms, kids should be taught how to be a good person, rather than just be good at cracking exams and earning good scores. Parents should be happy if their children excel in their own chosen fields, and teach them the importance of honesty, kindness and shared responsibilities. These good traits will help the kids a lot in their future development. Over-anxious parents, on the other hand, could prevent kids from excelling in even their own chosen fields. Liu Xiuying, director of home education institute at China Youth and Children Research Center The China Earthquake Administration pledged to enhanceRead More →

ted results. But the higher rate of FAI growth was to a large extent driven by a strong increase in investment in real estate, which is l ikely to weaken sooner or later owing to the government’s commitment to cooling China’s “real-esta te fever”. And, given the trade frictions with the US, China’s export performance for the rest of 2019 is highly uncertain. To compensate for declining investment in real estate and weakening exports, China must maintain reasonable growth in inf rastructure investment. To that end, the government should pursue higher spending (taking advantage of a strong fis cal position), supported by accommodative monetary policyRead More →

The Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition opened just two days before the May holiday, giving the public a close-up view of state-of-the-art gardens created by horticulturists from around the world. China hosted a similar exhibition in Kunming, Yunnan province, in 1 999. In the two decades since, the social and economic situations in China have unde rgone tremendous changes. A growing awareness of environmental protection is one of them. Two decades ago, the Chinese people embraced the Kunming horticu ltural show as a novelty and curiosity because the countr y at that time did not have many opportunities to host large international gatherings. Economic development atRead More →

tween law enforcement departments, intelligence agencies and private institutions. In short, it authorizes Australia’s national law enforcement to issu e mandatory “Technical Assistance Notices”, “Technical Capability Notices” and “Computer Access and Assistance Ord ers” to all communication providers. Upon receiving the notification and instruction, the communication provider mu st undertake a number of activities, for example, decrypting specific communications, installing specific softw are on the network, modifying or replacing services, providing assistance in accessing facilities, and providing sour ce code, third-party provider profiles, network device encryption schemes, and more. www.sh419tv.comRead More →

ulti-layer capital market system, strengthening investor p rotection, promoting securities industry innovations and enhancing regulation. New revisions were submitted for a second reading in April 2017 to improve regulation on such areas as stock trading, acquisitions of listed firms, information disclos ure and investor protection. The second draft also demanded the State Council to gradually advance the IPO syst em reform in accordance with authorization granted by the top legislature. Note: The following article is taken from the Chinese-language “Commentaries on International Affairs”. On Thursday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) release d a panel report on the case the United States lodged in December 2016Read More →

hina can lend a helping hand in the rebuilding of Paris’s Notre Dam e Cathedral, whose spire and roof were destroyed by the huge fire that engulfed the 8 50-year-old Gothic building on Monday evening, said a historian from Cambridge University. Alan Macfarlane, a historian and professor emeritus at King’s College, said that give n China’s widely acknowledged engineering and construction expertise, “it would be a very appreciated gesture if the pe ople of China offered their help in whatever way the French thought appropriate to rebuild a symbol for all of our world”. “The Chinese have built the largest airport in the world, aRead More →

 of Engineering and head of the innovation research academy of intelligent robotics at Xi’an Jiaotong Univer sity, said the university began considering an undergraduate AI major in 2016, and it has since established an experi mental undergraduate AI class in 2018 with 55 students taught by the country’s leading AI experts. The university established the academy in October 2017 and an AI school in Janua ry. The academy has 26 master’s candidates and eight doctoral candidates, Zheng said. “Universities should aim for major breakthroughs in basic res earch and core technology. We are still striving to achieve revolutionary and disruptive changes in AI theories, methods,Read More →