the latest film by leading Chinese auteur Wang Xiaoshuai, sets to examine changing times in modern China. It is a family saga about parenthood, friendship, struggle and forg iveness. Covering a large stretch of space and time, t he story moves from the 1980s to the present, and from the North to the South of China. Known for realism, Wang is no stranger to prominent international film festivals. This time, his work scooped two Berlin Film Festival awards – Silver Bear for Best Actress and Best Actor. On the occasion of So Long, My Son screening in Chinese cinemas, China Daily sp oke with him about theRead More →

 least several months while Britain tries to sort out the mess. The bloc is reluctant to have a departing Britain participate in Euro pean Parliament elections in late May, which it would have to do if Brexit is delayed. But EU Council President Donald Tusk has urged the bloc to give Britain an extensi on, if it plans to change course and seek a softer Brexit that keeps close economic ties between Britain and the bloc. This week British lawmakers held a series of “indicative votes” on alternativ es to May’s deal — and all eight options on offer were defeated. But the move didRead More →

  ministration to wade into a foreign contest, it was not the only time the President or his tea m has weighed in on the domestic politics of other countries. From undercutting British Prime Minis ter Theresa May during a visit to the United Kingdom to calling attention to protests against French President Emm anuel Macron, Trump has repeatedly sought to influence the internal affairs of the US’s closest allies — in full public view.   ”It’s not without precedent that United States leaders have said things that affect politics in other countries, but it is without prece dent for them to do it as brazenly asRead More →

  r to settle charges over his controversial tweet in August about his plans to take Tesla private. The settlem ent stipulated that Musk receive pre-approval for any social media posts containing information that is “material” to Te sla shareholders. At the time, the electric carmaker said it would establish a board committee to oversee its CEO’s posts.   But the SEC has since found fault with Musk’s tweeting. In late February, the commissi on filed a motion asking a federal judge to hold Musk in contempt for violating the terms of the settlement.   The SEC cited a tweet from February 19 in which Musk said TeslaRead More →

take that to an even higher level, as the new generation of telecoms technology will enrich the ex perience of visitors to the museum, virtually and in reality, even further. And if conditions become mature in th e near future, it will not just be visits to the Palace Museum that 5G transforms. With 5G networks and a smartphone, one will be able to have a consultation with a doctor w ithout leaving home or give instructions to robotic cleaners to do household chores. In fact, what the new 5G networks represent is none other than the next technological revolution. There is no reason tRead More →

The police department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) set up the Sina Weibo account Hong Kong Police on Jan 29, which was welcomed by a large number of netizens. The official account so far boasts more than 140,000 fans, with some posts receiving more than 10,000 comments. The account Hong Kong Police focuses mainly on practical information like crime prevention and event ar rangements, such as the Lunar New Year fireworks display and traffic control measures during the celebration parade. The latest data from the Hong Kong Tourism Board shows that among the 58 million visitors to H ong Kong in the first 11 months ofRead More →

  When it comes to lip-synching is also a lot of net friend hate to hear one thing, becau se of lip-synching is very not accustomed to, also can cause a lot of controv ersy and criticism, especially at first glance, some stars lip-synching, also can cause users to anger, for instance, rec ently took the microphone lip-synching, bumps is also sparked controversy   Not only this performance led to a net friend once again recently attention and controver sy, but this time the lip-synching is not others, but with a lot of attention and popularity and mainland act or wang Lin Yun, they two people butRead More →

On the 23rd, Wu Jing posted pictures of himself taking a train on a social website. He was sitting on a small bench with himself, looki ng very aggrieved. The content is too real to make many netizens feel the same. No one can escape the Spring Festival. It seems that Wu Jing bought a station ticket. Every few days before the Spring Festival, when the traffic pressure is the greatest, many people will embark on the journey home, because there are many people on the means of transport, so sometimes there will be a ticket difficult to obtain. Wu Jingfa Weibo No. 25 said,Read More →

On the 5th, Sun Nan exposed a group of family photos on her personal social networking website. In the photo, Sun Nan and his ex-wife bought Baoyao and Sun Qi. The family was happy together. The children also learned traditional culture under the influence of Pan Wei. Sun Nan made dumplings with his wife Pan Wei and the children born to a red sister. From the smile on Pan Wei’s face, we can see that the family got along very well. Sun Nan and Pan Wei moved southward for their children’s education after their marriage. Pan Wei also devoted herself to learning traditional culture withRead More →

Iron Emmett’s lads were well at it in the yard, blunted swords slamming into shields and ringing against one another. Jon stopped to watch a moment as Horse pressed Hop-Robin back toward the well. Horse had the makings of a good fighter, he decided. He was strong and getting stronger, and his instincts were sound. Hop-Robin was another tale. His clubfoot was bad enough, but he was afraid of getting hit as well. Perhaps we can make a steward of him. The fight ended abruptly, with Hop-Robin on the ground. “Well fought,” Jon said to Horse, “but you drop your shield too low when pressingRead More →