n yuan ($2.07 billi上海楼凤女神会所on) of illegal assets were recovered from abroad, bureau officials said. “Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we have had significant achievements in nabbing the fugitives and returning their ill-gotten assets in the past five years,” said Cai Wei, deputy director of the International Cooperation Bureau. “We have cut off the suspects’ escape routes and2019/06/25/sh419escom-7/ effectively changed their minds about fleeing overseas, which has laid a solid foundation for achieving an overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption,” he said. Since late 2012, China has conducted a massive campaign to fight corruption. “Wherever offenders may flee, they will be broughtRead More →

The speed of China’s development has rarely occurred in economic h istory, with the country’s economic aggregate breaking 90 trillion yuan over the last 70 yea rs for China to become the world’s second-largest economy in 2018, said financial news outlet Yicai on Friday. In 1952 China’s GDP was 67.9 billion yuan, with per-capita GDP standing at 119 yuan. In 2018 the two figures surpassed 90 trillion yuan and 64,644 yuan, making for respective multiplications of 1,325 and 542 times. The first Five-Year Plan (1953-1957) began China’s industrialization, concentrating efforts on developing heav y industry and establishing the foundations for the modernization of national defense.Read More →

s to the current Fu上海楼凤品茶微信gitive Offenders and the Mutual Leg al Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance due to a case involving a Hong Ko ng resident who fled back to the city after allegedly murdering his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan. The revisions will allow Hong Kong to surrender fugitives on a case-by-case basis to jurisdictio ns that do not have long-term rendition agreements with it, including the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The bill was scheduled to go through a second reading at the full LegCo m eeting on Wednesday. It was postponed until further notice due to the protest. n a commentary published on JuneRead More →

sis writing. She planned to return to Shanghai to complete the or al defense in late May after finding a job in her hometown, Henan province. But she s uffered a car accident on her way to attend a job interview a month ago. Cheng Hao said her sister’s life was saved, but her head, neck and chest must be fixed with brackets, and she cannot feel anything below her chest. She can only lift her hands and arms a little, and only three fingers out of 10 can move. “She wants to finish her oral defense of master’s thesis and get a job, likeRead More →

Students from a Macao primary school hailed President Xi Jinping’s reply letter delivered to them before International Chil dren’s Day, and they pledged to live up to Xi’s expectations by passing on the traditions of loving Macao and the country. In the library of the Hou Kong Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School in Macao, students clapped after hearing Xi’s letter. Hou Kong Middle School, established in 1932, was the first to raise a national flag in Macao on Oct 1, 1949. “I am so excited to receive a reply,” said fifth-grader Dang Wingzi, one of the stude nts who wrote the initialRead More →

 the Global Innovation Exchange project in 2017 brought together by M icrosoft, China’s Tsinghua University and the University of Washington, he said. Habib said relations with China have also benefited Boeing, another major company in Washington. “There’s no question that China is the most significant destinati on for aerospace,” said Habib, as China “has the biggest middle class and it’s growing. Alon g with that comes a tremendous increase in demand for both passenger travel and freight mobility.” Habib also applauded China’s interest in Washington’s agricultural products such as apples and cherries, and specifically mentioned tourists and students from China. With the current trade disputesRead More →

Pragmatic cooperation, global strategic stability high on Sino-Russian agenda Beijing and Moscow will sign around 30 cooperation documents d uring President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Russia next week, including two joint statements on bilateral t ies as well as on global strategic stability, Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui said on Thursday. Xi will kick off a three-day state visit to Russia on Wednesday at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and attend the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to be held between June 6 and June 8. The two presidents will witness the signing of an array of agreements on business d ealsRead More →

 monitoring on high-risk pathogenic fungi and outbreaks of fungal diseases, issuing early warning and taking measures to prevent and control major infections, the commission added. Once high-risk pathogens, multidrug-resistant or pandrug-resi stant “superfungi” are detected in routine tests, relevant information shall be reported to the network in real time, the commission said. Beijing authorities have continued efforts to plant trees to improve the eco-system in the capital city. According to the municipal forestation bureau, so far, 7.2 million trees have been planted over an area of 11,867 hectares, completing 77 percent of the forestation plan for the whole year. jvuau.cnRead More →

Three officials in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province, have been gi ven Party and administrative punishments on Thursday over an inappropriate question about whether kindergarten children were involved in gangs, the local government said on its official Wechat account. According to the government of Wuxi’s Xishan district, Feng Dongyan, director and Party chief of the Xishan Education Bureau, has been given the punishment of warning within the Party. Wang Zhaoyu, director of the educational bureau’s general office, has been given a serious warni ng within the Party and removed from office. Lu Zhongxian, director of the bureau’s educational equi pment and student aid management center,Read More →

Guangdong Provincial Government issued the Implementation Plan for the Improvement of the Consump tion System in Guangdong Province, which proposes 29 specific measures in nine aspects in response to the current outs tanding problems of restricting consumption. The Implementation Plan aims to improve consumer expectations, creat e a good consumer environment, and promote the formation of a strong unified market. According to the plan, the optimization and upgrading of automobile consumption will be promoted. The provin ce will focus on promoting the application of new energy vehicles, speeding up the construction of charging site s and replacing infrastructure, and making clear requirements for the construction of chargingRead More →