ter Games was unveiled in February. Plans aim to optimize the venues’ designs and operations to be beneficial to the hosting regions after 2022. “Here, you have the venues from 2008 that are going to be used in 2022 for a complete set of winter sports. This is a wonde rful legacy story,” said Juan Antonio Samaranch, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee. Powering all the 2022 venues using green energy while minimizing environmental impacts, while planning for their post-Games operations, are key in venue preparation this year, Liu said. To support the preparations financially, Beijing 2022 has signed nine domestic market ing partners andRead More →

more than 100 projectors were installed to digitally recreate mangrove fo rests and the environment surrounding them: tropical seas, tides and beaches. With sound, light and electrical effects, the exhibition shows how mangroves, one of the very few vegetation env ironments that can survive in coastal waters, thrive in the tides and change their surroundings for the better. Tianjin resident Li Lingyan, who visited the park on Monday, was fascinated by the mangrove exhibition. “Looking at the exhibit, it is as though I was brought to the seashore to se e how mangroves grow in a tough environment. It was an amazing process,” she said.Read More →

President Xi Jinping underlined on Monday the need to shore up areas of weakness and carry out more targeted pove rty alleviation efforts in building the country into a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chair man of the Central Military Commission, made the remark while presiding over the fourth meeting of t he Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs. Xi is head of the committee. The meeting stressed the importance of achieving targets for poverty alleviation across the boar d and focusing efforts on areas of extreme poverty, according toRead More →

 Jiangsu teacher with at least one local educator. The outsiders acted as mentors, providing guidance and support. Qian, the Chinese teacher, has mentored five teachers. He attended their classes once a week, offering advice afterwards. He also set assignments, such as reading magazines or two to three books each year, as well as writing a paper on teaching practice every semester. “I think many local teachers need to constantly explore education theory and the art of teaching. They also need to read more and strengthen their research abilities, because teaching without researching is lost labor,” he said. Namgal, a Tibetan math teacher who came toRead More →

ROME, March 22 — Visiting President Xi Jinping met with Italian Senate Speaker Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati here Friday on expanding exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ legislative institutions. China and Italy have enjoyed a traditional friendship, with the ancient Silk Road closely linking the two peoples, Xi said. Since they established diplomatic relations nearly 50 years ago, the China-Italy ties have seen healthy and stable devel opment, and the two countries have become important partners who trust each other and work together, Xi said. The visit is meant to consolidate the stability and strategic nature of the China-Ita ly relations in the longRead More →

  a series of memorandums of understanding on Belt and Road infrastructure investments during Xi’s upcoming visit to Italy, Reuters reported. If the y are signed, Italy would be the first one of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to participate in the BRI.   Speaking at a news conference in Beijing on Wednesday, Vice-Foreign Mi nister Wang Chao said the country appreciates Italy’s active involvement in the BRI.   ”We believe the signing of relevant cooperation documents conforms to the common interests of both countries,” Wa ng said, adding that Belt and Road cooperation aims to generate mutually beneficial and win-win results.   Regarding skepticism about the BRI,Read More →

the web of images taken without their consent, told CNN last year her company had seen a surge in demand since the protests drew attention to the issue. “The most common things that the clients are saying — and they are quite heartbreaki ng — are ‘I want to die’ or ‘I cannot leave my house.’ Especially the victims of spy cam or illegally taken video s say that when they encounter people on the street, they feel like they would be recognized,” she said. In January, the co-owner of a South Korean revenge porn sit e was sentenced to four years in prison andRead More →

  of national political angst and with a heavy duty policy debate already under way. But Trump is an expert at trivializing and belittling opponents, to de tract from the gravity of their arguments and to feed the conservative media machine.   His diagnosis of Jeb Bush’s “low energy” four years ago established a narrative about the former Florida gove rnor’s campaign that hinted at a grain of truth. The one-time GOP front-runner could never recover.   Trump vs. Brexit — and Obama   At one point in the meeting Tump, said he wasn’t going to “comment on Bre xit,” but characteristically unable to constrain himself, could barely leaveRead More →

  ration of powers, decades of precedent before this Committee, and just plain common-sense,” Cummings said in a statement.   A White House official, however, told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the Maryland Democrat was demanding documents he was not entitled to under the law.   The swift escalation of the dispute left the committee to consider whether to issue subp oenas to get information, a step that could spark a legal scenario that could be repeated scores of times in the coming months.   Prolonged legal tussles will not just frustrate Democrats. They will take months, churn all th way through the court system and delay any final accountingRead More →

The night before his historic summit with US President Donald Trump last June, North Kore an leader Kim Jong Un took a surprise stroll in downtown Singapore to see the sights of the wealthy capitalist city. The inference seemed clear. If cash-strapped Pyongyang chooses to engage the world — and ditch its nuclear weapons — this could be its future. Trump and Kim will this month have an even more symbolic backdrop for their next mee ting: Vietnam, a country which transformed itself from bitter US enemy to peaceful partner in less than 50 years. Experts believe the Trump administration plans to sell North KoreaRead More →