that the monetary authority needs to keep the RMB stable, as well as advance the count ry’s exchange rate reform to reflect the actual demand and supply of RMB in the market. The central bank’s data is largely in line with the market’s expectations, said Ming Ming, a上海后花园品茶微信 n economist with CITIC Securities. “In terms of future monetary policy, the central bank’s move will be infl 上海后花园uenced by multiple factors. It is likely to maintain a neutral stand and we should not expect substantial monetary easing.” Shen Jianguang, vice-president and chief economist at JD Digits, said moderate inflation in China will leave more room forRead More →

iwan, the sales of arms send the wrong message to the secessionis ts, encouraging them to go further on the road of seeking independence. As a res上海后花园女神会所 ult, the arms sales are anything but a move to stabilize the situation across the Taiwan Straits. With the current trade frictions between the US and China, what is badly n上海后花园 eeded is more political trust between the two economic heavyweights. Arms sales to t he island are not only incompatible with the spirit of the three joint communiqués Beijing and Washington signed for the esta 上海后花园女神会所blishment of diplomatic relations, but also set new stumbling blocks in theRead More →

 remaining true上海后花园品茶微信 to its original aspirations and always keeping in mi nd its missions to pursue happiness for the people and rejuvenate the Chinese nation. As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered the new era, Xi warned Party members and leading officials not to lose revoluti onary spirit and fighting courage, and required them to eternally remain true to the Party’s founding mission. He highlighted the importance of carrying out self-reform within the Party as some dange rous problems and risks that possibly undermine the CPC’s long-term governance have surfaced from time to time. Problems and impediments that could shake the foundation of the PartyRead More →

eived a message上海后花园女神会所 from Trump through Oman overnight warning that a US attack on Iran was imminent. “In his message, Trump said he was against any war with Iran and wanted to talk to Teheran about various issues … he gave a short period of time to get our response but Iran’s immediate response was that it is up to Supreme Leader (Ay atollah Ali) Khamenei to decide about this issue,” one of the officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said it had shot down a US unmann ed aircraft RQ-4 Global Hawk on Thursday, which prompted accusations from WashingtonRead More →

nship manage上海后花园女神会所rs who can work on both sides of the border in the banking sector. Chinese mainland and international banks based in Guangdon g province are looking for relationship managers from Hong Kong who can speak Mandarin and are willing to wo rk on the mainland, as they can bring in their contacts, networks and knowledge to help the banks grow their bus inesses on the mainland. Also in demand are professionals in risk and compliance. Hong Kong will be the jewel in the GBA crown as an international financial center. It will remain the w orld’s largest offshore renminbi hub and play a crucialRead More →

siness startups and innovation-oriented companies, and exercise accommodating and prudent r egulation. We need to promote the integrated development of companies of different sizes,” Li said. The Internet Plus model will be upgraded. Efforts will be m ade to accelerate the development of industrial internet and promote broader ap plication of the Internet Plus model in medical care, elderly care, education and other social sectors. A higher ratio of nonperforming loans to micro and small firms will be allowed. The NPL ratio of such loans will be relaxed to no more than 3 percentage points higher than the overall NPL ratio fr om the currentRead More →

tions of China’s express industry and harmed the legitimate rights of Chinese clients, so the Chinese au thorities decided to launch the investigation, Ma Junsheng, the bureau head, said in a statement on its website on Sunday. “The fundamental rule of express services is that the service provider must deliver parcels to designated addresses and receivers. Postal service administrators have the right to look into any violations,” he said without mentioning the names of the clients that lodged complaints. On Saturday, China announced that FedEx was put under investi gation after Huawei Technologies Co claimed that FedEx, without providing any detailed expl anation, diverted twoRead More →

In addition, a thread on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like comments platfor m, titled “eating alone” contains 226,000 posts and has garnered 290 million hits. In 2017, WithEating Magazine, a Chinese foodie journal, started its Eati ng Alone channel on Bilibili, a popular video-sharing website. To date, the channel, wh ich has 52 episodes explaining how to prepare meals for one, has attracted more than 200 million hits. In February, the magazine published a book of the same name, listing 65 recipes for dishes ranging fr om desserts to foreign cuisine, such as roasted ribs, the Korean favorite bibimbap and seafood curry. To many people’s surprise, itRead More →

erprises in China. Last year, intellectual property authorities punished violators in more than 6,000 cases of infringing on rights of trademark registrants from overseas, with a t otal value of 151 million yuan ($22 million), an increase of 50.1 percent over the previous year, the report said. An agreement to support young scholars’ research into the Silk Road was signed between China and UNESCO during a ses sion of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing on Wednesday. Under the agreement, an international academic program will be launched with funding of $1 mill ion from the Chinese government to scholars under 35 yearsRead More →

Investigators criticize lax management, failure to control enterovirus outbreak Liu Ruilin, Party secretary and president of Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University, has been removed from his positions after five babies died and 14 fell ill during an enterovirus outbreak at the hospital. The five newborns who died had other underlying diseases, such as pneumonia, before c ontracting the virus, according to a statement from the Guangdong Health Commission on Saturday. Thirteen of the sick babies have been discharged from the hospital, w hile the other one continues to be treated and is in a stable condition, the commission said. An investigation determined that theRead More →