erprises in China. Last year, intellectual property authorities punished violators in more than 6,000 cases of infringing on rights of trademark registrants from overseas, with a t otal value of 151 million yuan ($22 million), an increase of 50.1 percent over the previous year, the report said. An agreement to support young scholars’ research into the Silk Road was signed between China and UNESCO during a ses sion of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing on Wednesday. Under the agreement, an international academic program will be launched with funding of $1 mill ion from the Chinese government to scholars under 35 yearsRead More →

Investigators criticize lax management, failure to control enterovirus outbreak Liu Ruilin, Party secretary and president of Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University, has been removed from his positions after five babies died and 14 fell ill during an enterovirus outbreak at the hospital. The five newborns who died had other underlying diseases, such as pneumonia, before c ontracting the virus, according to a statement from the Guangdong Health Commission on Saturday. Thirteen of the sick babies have been discharged from the hospital, w hile the other one continues to be treated and is in a stable condition, the commission said. An investigation determined that theRead More →

ent and progress, international communicators should further play up their special role in advancing unders tanding, deepening friendship and expanding cooperation in the fast-changing world. They should push world pro gress in the right historical direction while promoting exchanges among civilizations and mutual learning. First, we should act as promoters of exchanges among human civilizations. The mutual depende nce, exchanges and learning of different civilizations give shape to the abundant and colorful world tod ay. As the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity points out, cultural diversity “is the common herit age of humanity”. The diversity of human civilizations is a basic characteristic of theRead More →

 and will not allow any forces to use its territory to conduct any anti-China activities. The two leaders witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents after the meeting. hinese tech giant Huawei reported a 149 percent rise in research and development spendin g from 2014 to 2018, faster than its counterparts Apple and Samsung, according to a Bloomberg report released last Friday. The company’s R&D expenditure increase was just behind Amazon, which rose 210 percent during the 5-year period. China is now Nepal’s biggest source of foreign investment , second-largest trade partner and second-largest source of foreign tourists. Ahead of the First Belt and RoadRead More →

China’s financial minister and central bank governor vowed to strengthe n debt management and leverage more private funds for infrastructure construction un der the Belt and Road Initiative, suggesting a new framework to assess debt risks for partner countries on Thursday. The Ministry of Finance published a debt-sustainability analysis framework for the BRI’s participating economies at the start of t he Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, a three-day event in Beijing. Financial institutions of China and other BRI economies are encouraged to use the “nonmandatory” policy t ool for rating debt risk before making lending decisions. The analysis method is based onRead More →

owth. We have the confidence, conditions and capability to mee t the projected targets for economic and social deve lopment this year,” Yuan told an NDRC news conference on Thursday in Beijing. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed China’s economy grew at a faster-than-e xpected 6.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, remaining at the to p end of the government’s projected growth range of 6 to 6.5 percent for this year. The growth was unchanged from that in the fourth quarter of 2018. Zhang Chenghui, former director at the finan cial research institute of Development Research Center of the State Cou ncil,Read More →

with the island by officially acknowledging that military personnel have been posted in the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan since 2005. US weapons manufacturer Raytheon was also granted a $9 million contract to upgrade Taiwan’s Patriot missile defense system. Senior Colonel Liang Fang, a professor at PLA National Defense Universit y, said the recent drill will test and enhance the PLA’s joint operating capabilities. “It will increase the PLA’s ability to protect national sovereignty, and warn thos e who are trying to undermine it to abandon their illusions,” she said. “Similar drills will be more common in the future, with increasingly sophisticatedRead More →

European Union leaders gave Theresa May a new Brexit deadline of Oct 31, four months longer than the p rime minister asked for, in a move the EU summit chair said would let Britain resolve its domestic deadlock on the issue. “EU27/UK have agreed a flexible extension until 31 October,” European Council Pres ident Donald Tusk tweeted after eight hours of talks that went into the early hours of Thursday. “This means (an) additional six months for the UK to find the best possible solution,” Tusk added on the eve of what would otherwise have been the day Britain crashed out of the bloc withRead More →

“China’s urban development should take the road of sustainable development,” Xu said. “We sh ould pay more attention to green city construction, green industrial development and low-carbon energy-saving de velopment. And we should also ensure that migrant workers have the same social rights as native residents.” The NDRC proposed the introduction of various monetary policies to reso lutely curb the rise in hidden local government debt, encourage commercial financial institut ions to appropriately increase the credit supply and support qualified enterprises to issue bonds for financing. To implement the new urbanization tasks, China will improve the appro priate positioning of different cities in various fields,Read More →

insk and covering an area of 91.5 square kilometers, is the first special economic area in Bela rus and the largest intergovernmental cooperation project between China and Belarus. The industrial park is stepping up efforts to attract more global investors, with 43 companies registered by the end of February. Among the 43 companies, 26 are from China, 10 from Belarus, and seven from other countries, like the United States and Ru ssia. The companies have signed agreements to make total investments of more than $1 billion in the park. The China-funded Djibouti International Free Trade Zone, which started construction in January 2017, opened on JulyRead More →