The root cause for the repeated twists and turns in the China-US trade talks lies, to a grea t extent, in the United States’ serious deviation from, and disdain for, the objective laws of econ omics. The fact that China will never accept its unreasonable demands further complicates the matters for the US. The US administration’s often competing and clashing objectives-though m any of them are understandable-cannot be realized simultaneously. For instance, the U S hopes to revive its industries and boost its real economy while maintaining the huge bubble in its financial market. A dream called sustainable reindustrialization Yet the US expends huge amountsRead More →

 A shares, in the final step as part of the November 2019 Semi-Annual Index Review, according to the report. About 109 companies will be added and three removed from the MSCI China A Onshore Index, whic h will take place as of the close of May 28, and the three largest additions to this index would be the Wens Foodstuff Group A, Contemporary A and Shenzhen Mindray A, the MSCI said. In addition, the MSCI China A Onshore Small Cap Index will see 503 stocks added and 49 cut, with most of the new addi tions coming from newly eligible ChiNext stocks, according to anRead More →

m the UN Environment Program, said poorly managed infrastructure projects can damage the ecosystem. He said it is key for scientists to communicate with government officials to create better planning and new solut ions, and more interdisciplinary research into natural disasters and risk management is also helpful. Guanxi, compadrazgo and bapakism. Three words from China, the Philip pines and Indonesia that encapsulate the same values of the vast continent through the ag es-a shared belief in the importance of the family and the community over the individual. These values, rooted on Asia’s culture and history and centered on consens us, social harmony, stability and discipline,Read More →

asures as reducing the rate of the value-added tax, increasing the tax exemption for research costs and reforming individual income tax. The measures should not only ease the tax burden for manufacturing com panies but also reduce taxes for construction enterprises, which provide a great num ber of jobs, Li said, adding that all industries should be covered by the benefits of tax cuts. Li pledged more efforts to urge government departments and State-owned e nterprises to pay off their debts so that the effects of tax reduction are not diminished. The government will take further measures to deepen reform and opening-up, en courage innovationRead More →

arned against further raising tariffs. “Increasing tariffs will only continue to harm America n consumers and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, as well as threat en American econ omic growth and leadership in innovation,” said Naomi Wilson, the council’s senior director of policy for Asia. US chemical manufacturers also called for sensible trade policy solutions. Cal Dooley, president and CEO of the American Chemistry Council, said on Monday he believed t he risks of continuing to use tariffs as a negotiating tactic with China are simply too high, and potential benefits remain unclear. Several organizations, including Tariffs Hurt the Heartland — theRead More →

ting the spirit of December’s Central Economic Work Conference. Macro policies should be stable, micro policies should be flexible and social policies should guarantee the basic needs of the grassroots people, the statement said. Macro policies should focus on promoting high-quality growth and stimulating market vitality. The importance of manufacturing’s high-quality development in stabilizing economic growt h was stressed. Traditional industries should be guided to upgrade, and new industries should grow stronger. The development of small and medium-sized companies and private businesses should be supported through measures like s peeding up the supply-side structural reform of finance and providing better loan services, the stat ementRead More →

this”, in the form of an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of China by barring scholars wh o have great familiarity with US politics and policymaking and have the ear of Chinese officials. Douglas H. Paal, vice-president of the Asia Program at the Carn egie Endowment for International Peace, said it appears that the scholars who best unders tand the US and communicate well with China’s leaders are being denied visas or threatened with denial. “I don’t see how this is in America’s interest,” Paal said. Some US media have mentioned that China also denies visas to US academics, but Taylor and Paal said that hasRead More →

 how the cooperation it has been bringing about can benefit those countries and regions involved and the world economy at large. Being proposed by China, it is natural that China should have taken the lead in advancing the Belt and Road, but it has always sought to make clear that the initiative is open and inclusive. With more countries and international organizations getting involved, the initiative will undoubted ly become a bigger and more diversified platform with increasing opportunities for multilateral cooperation. Those who continue to speak ill of it, rather than presenting an obst acle to it, actually do it a service by highlightingRead More →

the air of 2.04 milligrams per cubic meter at a monitoring point 1 kilometer downwin d from the explosion site at 10 am on Wednesday, a level about 17.5 times more than the national standard. But at 10 am on Thursday and Friday, the benzene concentration at the same point was w ithin the standard, according to the Ecology and Environment Department of Jiangsu. While many human mothers pay big money for nannies to take care of their children, female golden snub-nosed monk eys are happy to mother each other’s offspring, according to a new study by Chinese scientists. What’s more, the practice has effectivelyRead More →

later this week and was working to build support for the deal, which sets out the terms of withdrawing from the EU and the outline of future relations with the bloc. May warned opponents that continuing to reject the deal could lead to a “slow Brexit” that postpones the country’s departure indefinitely. With the March 29 Brexit day set almost two years ago days away and the withdr awaal agreement lacking Parliament’s approval, European leaders agreed to a postponement last week to avoid a ch aotic cliff-edge departure that would be disruptive for the world’s biggest trading bloc and deeply damaging for Britain. However, theRead More →