n April 2018, Shanghai police arrested eight people from Shanlin (Shanghai) Financial In formation Service Co, which was involved in illegal fundraising of more than 60 billion yuan. The company, with a registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan, adopted a physical store and online ma rketing to take public deposits. From October 2013, the company opened over 1,000 physical stores across the nation and trained its employees to sell financial products through advertising and telemarketing wit h the promise of high interest. In 2015, the company opened online financing platforms to raise money. The company’s claimed investment projects were found to have no profit ability,Read More →

f the year until July or August, when the market may see a recovery, Xu Haidong, assistant to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers’ secretary-general, told the newspaper. The reason for the slowdown in China’s automotive market lies in the lack of consumer confidence, according to CA AM. In addition, the upcoming stricter Nation VI emission standards, market expectation for the country’s stimulating spe nding policy and a strong wait-and-see mood, are all contributing to the bleak picture, the association said. With the actual policy effects from tax cuts and fees reduction s, a promising consumer market boosted by infrastructure investment, the country’s a utomobileRead More →

 at the School of the Humanities and Centre for Bioethics at Huazho ng University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei province; Zhai Xiaomei, prof essor of bioethics and health policy at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences’ Centre for Bioethics, in Beijing; Zhu Wei, an associate professor at Fudan University’s Centre for Applied Ethics in Shanghai; and Qiu Renzong, a philosophy of sc ience and bioethics professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Philosophy, in Beijing. “We think the authorities should step up their efforts to improve the governance of et hics in scientific research in light of the loopholes exposedRead More →

was disestablished in the latest government reshuffle and quara ntine management functions were merged into the General Administration of Customs. With a rising number of inbound foreign travelers and Chinese students returning home wit h pets in tow, the administration issued the new rule in January to facilitate entry. Shanghai Customs inspected 25 cats and 15 other pets at its ports of entry between May 1 and May 5. Twenty-seven of them were all owed in after on-site inspections. Eleven were put under quarantine, and two were sent back to their original co untry or region due to the lack of quarantine reports and rabiesRead More →

l become a platform for people to experience natural beauty and t o better understand, and then materialize, Xi’s wonderful ecological ideas. When the sustainable developme ustin Irwin anad James Berry took turns to steer their boat o n Barkley Lake in western Kentucky, looking for Asian carp. It did not take them long to spot a school of fish. Stopping the boat, Berry started to feed a 180-m eter-long net into the water as Irwin maneuvered the boat to form the net into a large circle. With the net in place, they then steered the boat in a circle, banging the hull with aRead More →

carries the weight of gold”, pledged to install a binding mechanism for international agre ements, to make sure governments at all levels operate in well-regulated ways, and to update laws and reg ulations to abolish unjustified practices, keeping in line with the needs of opening-up. “It is welcome news to hear that the National People’s Congress has already taken steps to lay the groundwork” for implementing the new Foreign Inve stment Law, said Gupta, who brought up the possibility of China establishing “an ombudsperson’s desk” in r elated government agencies to address foreign businesses’ legal concerns. Gupta said China’s Foreign Investment Law could be aRead More →

And the challenges of environmental protection and climate change were add ressed, including the need to enhance our cooperation to implement the Paris Agreement. President Xi’s commitment to ecological development and the pursuit of harmony between man and nature are important st eps. hope the message in President Xi’s speech is taken seriously by everyone constructing buildings, homes and roads in China, and they do so in a way that respects nature and protects local ecology. As leader of the world’s second-largest economy, people within the People’s Republic of Chin a will take notice, as will those around the world, thus furthering the cause of ecologicalRead More →

med it was behind the horrific attacks. Yet whoever the perpetrators, the attacks on innoc ent people should be condemned in the strongest terms, and those responsible arrested and punished. Since Sri Lanka has been facing some political and e conomic problems, and increasingly acute social conf licts for the past few years, the attacks seem to reveal not just sectarian disputes but also cer tain people’s dissatisfaction with the situation in the island nation, and the rest of South Asia. The motive behind the attacks could be helplessness and desperation of certain sections of Muslims in South Asia. The rise of Islamic extremism hasRead More →

have improved the company’s stocking and inventory processes. “Earlier we were reliant on the intuitions and experience of the local operation team. With the use of technology like AI and big data, we are getting more accurate answers.” As a larger and older retailer, Walmart has constantly worked with startups, said McMillon, citing the new Omega 8 platf orm that enables retail innovation startups to collaborate with Walmart China to create better services for customers. McMillon cited the example of a scanning ring developed by a starup for Walmart that shortens pickup time for JD Daojia orders to less than 10 minutes and impr ovementsRead More →

wing contributions to global growth tend to mask its extremely unbala nced development and widening gaps between the rich and the poor. That’s why before determin ing whether a country is developed or not-and to present a comprehensive picture of its economy-the entire gamut of the country’s economic data, including its aggregate and per capita GDP, should be taken into consideration. The WTO treats developing and developed countries differently because some developing and least-developed countries were deprived of their development rights and thus their chances to develop in the past because of colon ialism and militarism. The WTO provides special treatment for some countries toRead More →