artment announced on Wednesday it will add telecommunications eq uipment maker Huawei and its affiliates to the Entity List on Wednesday. Being on the list bars the company from buying US technology without government approval due to security concerns. On the same day, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that bars US companies fr om using telecom equipment from manufacturers considered a national security risk, without mentioning Huawei by name. Such moves, as well as the increase of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods earlier this m onth, complicated the prospect of continuing the bilateral trade talks that have been ongoingRead More →

To encourage them to move, Guizhou authorities have used a better schooling for their children as bait,” said Zhang Qing of Guizhou’s provincial Education Department. “More than 130,000 children will be enrolled in the 1,600 preschool facilities and primary and secondary schools near their urban s ettlements. Also, 333 nurseries and junior high schools will be built to enroll some 50,000 relocated children,” Zhang added. To promote educational development and cultivate more high-quality teachers in the country’s central and w estern regions, China launched a State-level training program for rural primary and middle school teachers in 2010. Primary school teachers in Guizhou have joined theRead More →

ng cell technologies should be established to promote greater transparency, they said, so that before a trial begins scient ists would need to pass an ethics review and provide a list of names of all participating scientists and institutions. Universities and research institutes should strengthen education a nd training in bioethics and scientific and medical professionalism, covering research sci entists and students of science, medicine and the humanities at all levels, they said. In addition, more efforts should be undertaken to eliminate prejudice agains t people with disabilities, which exists in the minds of some scholars, they said. Following the gene-edited baby inci dent, governmentRead More →

According to a news release from the local fire department, the battery of an electric bicycle parked beside a building for s tudents ignited, starting the fire. The incident is still being investigated and some people have been detained. This is not the first fatal fire caused by an electric bicycle. In December 2017, five people were killed and nine injured when an electric bike started a fire in Beijing, and in July last year, one person was killed and another injured in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. In fact, type “electric bicy cle” and “fire” into any online searching engine and you will get hundreds ofRead More →

ndreds of security guards daily during peak seasons. In October, when it had a record number of travelers, the ad ministrators decided to seek help from local universities for international volunteers, Liu said. The lake, spanning a total of 60 square kilometers in the heart of Hangzhou, is ne ar to one of China’s oldest Buddhist temples and is surrounded by lush green hills. During the recent holiday, it was one of the most popular tourist spots amo ng millions of domestic travelers, along with the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. “It’s not only about giving tourists directions to the toilet or preventing peopleRead More →

ty Intelligence Organization suggested that Chinese-Australians contesting local government elections represented securit y threats because they might have belonged to an organization called the “Australian Council for the Promotion of Peace ful Reunification of China”. Actually, none of the candidates mentioned has ever been associated with ag itation or lobbying on issues of concern to Beijing such as the South China Sea, Taiwan or Tibet. Worst example of anti-China prejudice One of the worst examples of anti-China prejudices comes from a bo ok written by a professor of public ethics, Clive Hamilton-Silent Invasion published in earl y 2018. On pages 280-281 Hamilton writes that upRead More →

nges from 1,500 to 2,000 yuan, accounting for 15 to 20 percent of the total according to the report. JD refuted the mass layoff rumor and said more than 10,000 positions are expe cted to be added as JD Logistics provides services to more industry customers. Facing tougher competition from rivals such as Alibaba and Pinduoduo, JD is eyei ng opportunities in the consumer market, which has shown great potential, Sina Finance reported. Driven by rapid growth of e-comm The annual survey Amazing China — the Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Expats 2018 unveiled its results at the Shenzhen foru m of the Conference onRead More →

tions at the Brussels summit, has pledged to intensify discussions on the rules concerning in dustrial subsidies, a priority for the WTO reform for the EU. This is being seen as a breakthrough by the EU side. In fact, almost all countries provide subsidies for domestic companies in certain sectors, and i n most cases, China has given subsidies to Chinese companies in strict accordance with WTO rules as its ultim ate goal is to achieve complete marketization. Yet intensifying discussions on industrial subsidies and other sensitive issues, including intellectual property rights protection, is a step that must be taken to not only addre ssRead More →

 golden rice bowls passed down from our ancestors,” said Lu, 61. “We cannot afford to lose them.” The local terraced fields have been in existence for about 1,300 years when the Hani people built a complicated channel system to direct water from the forested hillto p to nurture paddies on mountain slopes. The natural and cultural wonder was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2013. It has not always been plain sailing. In the 1960s, a blight caused for est coverage to drop to just 17 percent, threatening the terraced fields with a devastating drought. The situation improved in recent decades after ChinaRead More →

ial delay and the fact that a no-deal Brexit remained possible. By 1800 GMT it was down around 0.4 percent against the dollar. Nearly three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, there is still no clarity over how, when or even whether the world’s fifth largest economy should leave the bloc it joined in 1973. When May set the March 29 exit date two years ago by serving the formal Article 50 divorce papers, she declared there would be “no turning back”. But parliament’s ref usal to ratify the withdrawal deal she agreed with the EU has thrust her governmentRead More →