Xi underlines building professional forces at key meeting on public security President Xi Jinping urged the nation’s public security forces to fulfill their responsibilities and missions in the new era to cr eate a safe and stable social environment that enables people to feel an even stronger sense of security. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Cent ral Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remark at a t wo-day national conference on public security work, which concluded in Beijing on Wednesday. He called for building highly professional public security forces that are loyal to the Pa rty,Read More →

Since Myanmar embarked on its political transition, political elites in the country have championed that peace is the premise for economic and social developme nt. In the first two years of the government led by National League for Democracy (NLD), Nay Pyi Taw devoted a lot of efforts to promoting national recon ciliation with the hope of making a major breakthrough and consolidating public support. Regrettably, results are no t satisfactory. The NLD government is currently locked in a stalemate over national reconciliation. It has also performed poorly in boosting the economy and improving people’s lives. Main economic indicators suggest that since the N LDRead More →

Mobile phone Chinese news 】 【 people club department to make the public announcement recently, plans to release xperience, and puts forward Suggestions;To participate in the activities of e-sports. E-sports e-sports industry operating division refers to the organization activities and the content of operation personnel.Main task is e-sports event co ncept planning, overall planning and design and develop activities;Maintaining good relationship with online and offline me dia channels, theme of e-sports activities, brand publicity and promotion, coordination and s upervision;E-sports activities commercial value evaluation, the design activity sponsorship rights and interests, a nd expand the cooperation with sponsors, contractors;E-sports event coordination of various resources, orRead More →

Sun Qian had joined Guan Yu in escorting the two ladies, and they were on the road to Runan when Xiahou Dun suddenly determined to pursue. So with a couple of hundred horse, Xiahou Dun set out. When Xiahou Dun was seen approaching, Guan Yu bade Sun Qian go ahead with the carriage while he remained to deal with the pursuers.   When they were near enough, Guan Yu said, “In coming after me thus you do not reinforce the magnanimity of your master!”   Replied Xiahou Dun, “the Prime Minister has sent no definite instructions. You have caused the death of several people, among them oneRead More →