der the framew阿拉爱上海女神会所ork of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said, China will facilitate imports of agricultu ral products such as soybeans and grains from the Central Asian countries to its huge market. “Priority will be given to the agricultural and husbandry fields in futu re cooperation between China and the Central Asian nations,” he added. Xi will also have a series of bilateral meetings with some of the lea ders of other countries attending the SCO summit, and he will exchange views with th em on bilateral ties as well as the major international issues of common concern, Zhang said. One prominent problem inRead More →

obile consumption environment. Automobile plate lotteries and bidding indicators in Guan gzhou and Shenzhen will be broadened, and no other cities in Guangdong province may introd uce automobile purchase restriction regulations. The government will strengthen the supervision of automobile sales, the maintenance and acc essories industry, and establish a public notice system for automobile sales. Meanwhile, the used car consumer mar ket will be improved and procedures for used car transactions will be simplified. The Implementation Plan clearly states its aim to stabilize housing co nsumption. The province will expand the supply of rental housing and the coverage of perma nent residents in public rental housing, and housing provident fund systems. The provinceRead More →

Meeting in Nanchang eyes achieving new advances in development of country’s central region President Xi Jinping stressed the significance of owning indep endent intellectual property rights and core technology while visiting a producer of rare earth, which he hailed as an “important strategic resource”, in Gan­zhou, Jiangxi province, on Monday. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of Chin a Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the JL MAG Ra re-Earth Co immediately after he arrived in Jiangxi for the three-day inspection tour. At the company, Xi learned about its production and operation, the r are earth industry’s development inRead More →

China said late on Monday that it will increase tariffs on the bulk o $60 billion of US imports to three categories of rates between 10 percent and 25 percent. For the rest of the US imports, the duty rate remains at 5 percent, acc ording to a statement released by the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council. The tariffs will hit around 5,000 products such as food, chem icals and auto parts, and are due to take effect on June 1, the commission said. In a separate statement on Monday, the commission said i t will be open to tariff exemption applications forRead More →

China said late on Monday that it will increase tariffs on the bulk of $60 billion of US imports to three categories of rates between 10% and 25%. For the rest of the $60 billion US imports, the duty rate will remains at 5 percent. The tariffs will hit around 5,000 products and will take effect on June 1. It is China’s latest response to the additional US tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods, which were implemented on Friday morning. The move fully demonstrates Beijing’s firm determination to defend its due interest s and legitimate rights in international trade and economic cooperation, according toRead More →

Scientists from China and other countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative will work together to enhance scientific and technological coop eration in disaster prevention and mitigation, according to a joint declaration. The collaboration aims to make areas along the initiative safer, more sustainable a nd disaster-proof, according to the declaration published during the two-day International Conference on Silk-r oad Disaster Risk Reduction and Development, which concluded in Beijing on Sunday. Sunday marked China’s 11th National Disaster Prevention and Reduct ion Day, an annual event which began in 2009 after a devastating earthquake hit Sic huan and neighboring provinces on May 12, 2008, leavingRead More →

going reform measures have made its financial market increasingly appealing to overse as investors,” the administration said on Monday in a statement on its website. “The administration will continue to support the opening-up of financ ial markets, meet demand from overseas investors to expand investment in the ma rkets and attract global long-term capital to enter China’s financial markets,” it said. Given the stable performance of the yuan and expectations of balanced capital flows, China’s fore ign exchange reserves remained stable in April, reaching $3.095 trillion by the end of last month, co mpared with $3.099 trillion by March, according to data released by theRead More →

hina will undertake key measures to further integrate the country’s rural and urban areas and encourage the transfer and free flow of people and resources throughout the nation. Measures include relaxing hukou (household registration) barri ers, reforming zoning regulations for rural and residential land, marketing collective land in rural areas for development purposes and increasing infrastructure spending in the countryside. Experts said the new plan, announced by the Communist Party of China Ce ntral Committee and the State Council late on Sunday, is aimed at helping realize steady progr ess in rural revitalization, driving up the process of urbanization and further boosting the economy. ChinaRead More →

China and Switzerland should make joint building of the Belt and Road into a new highlight of bilateral cooperation and firm ly safeguard economic globalization and trade liberalization, President Xi Jinping said on Monday. Xi spoke during a meeting with Swiss Confederation President U eli Maurer, who is to conclude his eight-day state visit to China on Tuesday. Noting that China’s establishment of a bilateral innovative strategic pa rtnership in 2016 with Switzerland was the first ever created with another country, Xi said that China is ready to work with the European country to further strategic cooperation. Xi also underscored the importance of following aRead More →

President outlines goals for improving, protecting country’s natural heritage President Xi Jinping has called for mobilization at the national level and joint particip ation from the whole of society to move forward with large-scale campaigns to make the homeland greener. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Commit tee, made the remark as he took part in a voluntary tree planting event in Beijing on Monday. Working alongside students, Xi shoveled soil and emptied water buckets before planting seven trees in a forest park in the capital’s Tongzhou district. He underscored the importance of giving play to China’s honored tradition ofRead More →