On 27 January, nanjing Ming city wall gate of China at the age of 650 Spring Festival couplets hung ceremony is held in the gate, and at the same time, invited 150 calligraphy masters and 400 teenagers on the Ming city wall, writing Spring Festival couplets and New Year with “everyone”, gave citizens free of charge.China news agency reporter Yang wave perturbation   It is understood that the zhongshan gate in nanjing, xuanwu gate, XieFangMen, exit, standard of ebiasaph, Wu Di ng door, set their door, cool and refreshing doors, instrument chicken, Yi jiangm en, ShenCeMen Ming city wall gate will be gradua lly put upRead More →

hubei daily newspaper reported on January 21, the provincial transport work, according to the years, in addition to shennongjia, all municipal public transportation card is with the national traffic one cartoon connectivity. In 2013, the state council issued “about priority to the development of urban public transportation guidance”, officially launc hed the national traffic one cartoon connectivity.After 5 years development, our province, xiangyang city, yichang, ezhou and huangshi city of shiyan, jingmen, the eco-circumstances and draws, qianjiang, huanggang all achieve this function. “Wuhan city is undergoing a transformation, will soon be able to achieve wit h the national communication.”Province transportation hall relevant personage says, theRead More →