championships,” said Guan, also President of the Chinese Taekwondo Federation. “This is the first time I have seen such kind of thing.” Zheng, who had beaten Walkden three times in a row, took a dominant lead of 20-10 in the closin g stages of the women’s over 73km category final, but the referee disqualified Zheng alleging she had committed 10 fouls during the bout. Wakden then secured her third successive world taekwondo title by the referee’s punitive declaration. “Our athlete has worked very hard for this gold medal and it was taken away so easily by the referee. This is very dirty.” Guan said thatRead More →

anges to improve the experience and effectiveness of customs officers, Jin said. China will continue to conduct joint law enforcement operations with other countries targeti ng IPR violations, including Russia and the US. Customs officials of the EU, Japan and South Kore a have responded positively to China’s proposal for law enforcement operations, he said. “We have been encouraging domestic and overseas enterprises to conduct exchanges on t echnology and protecting the lawful intellectual property rights of overseas enterprises in China,” Jin said. “We a lso want other countries to intensify IPR protections for Chinese enterprises on their soil.” Jin made the comments at aRead More →

 National Health Commission should monitor all gene-editing centers and IVF clinics in China to ensure trials are in line with regulations. A national registry dedicated to clinical trials involving cell technologies should be established to pro mote greater transparency, they said, so that before a trial begins scientists would need to pass an ethics review and provide a list of names of all participating scientists and institutions. Universities and research institutes should strengthen education and training in bioethics and scientific and medical professionalism, covering research sci entists and students of science, medicine and the humanities at all levels, they said. In addition, more efforts shouldRead More →

Health authorities will redouble their efforts to train nurses in eldercare as the proportion of older people in the pop ulation expands and tens of millions of people struggle with disabilities, a senior health official said on Wednesday. Jiao Yahui, deputy chief of medical administration and supervision at the National He alth Commission, said there are not enough nurses to cope with the growing needs of the country’s elderly. A regulation on the training of healthcare workers and standards of service is being drafted. It i s expected to boost the number of nurse’s aides, Jiao said ahead of International Nurses Day on Sunday. TheRead More →

China will further cut the number of items requiring certificatio n and refine the procedures through institutional inno vation to improve government services and foster a more enabling business environment. The decision was made at the State Council’s executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday. Participants at the meeting agreed that the government’s efforts in recent years to repeal unwarranted certification requ irements and deepen the reform of government functions have produced notable results. “These are crucial steps benefiting both companies and individuals ,” Li said. “At a time when the economy still faces uncertainties, removing these unjustified cer tification requirements will helpRead More →

With Chairman Mao Zedong proclaiming the founding of the People’s Republic of China on Oct 1, 1949, the Chinese people began leaving behind a century of colonial humiliation and building a new life. What remains poorly understood by the wider world even seven decades later is how dire were the conditions in China during those days. While China sustained its triumph, Chinese people’s living stan dard 70 years ago was barely 5 percent relative to their counterparts in the United States. It was a dire starting point. Transitions that raised China’s living standard In the late 1970s, Deng Xiaoping introduced “reform and opening-up” policies andRead More →

te exchanges among civilizations and dialogues based on harmony in diversity and inclusiveness. We need to undertake the cultural responsibility of int ernational communicators, and let exchanges of culture and among civilizations, as well as mutual learning, con stantly serve as bridges for people’s friendship, the impetus of international cooperation and bond of world peace. Second, we should become builders of world peace and development. The wheel of humanities’ development is uns toppable. Peace, reconciliation and harmony are historical trends. Equality, mutual trust and win-win cooperation are hi storical necessities. Yet, as international conventions are attacked and multilateral mechanisms are cha llenged, the anti-globalization tendencyRead More →

A slew of new policies aimed at encouraging consumption in key sectors will be unveiled soon, China Securities Journal reported. China’s retail sales of consumer goods rose 8.3 pe rcent year-on-year to 9.78 trillion yuan ($1.46 trillion) in the January-M arch period, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). In March alone, retail sales went up 8.7 pe rcent to 3.17 trillion yuan, quickening from the 8.2-percent rise seen in the first two months. In recent years, the government has, on the one hand, frequently intro duced policies to promote opening-up, increase import and improve consumer welfare. On the other hand, it has reducedRead More →

More than 60 countries will send delegations to join multinational naval events marking the anniv ersary, and over 30 countries of them will send major navy leaders to participate, according to Qiu. Nearly 20 foreign vessels of various capabilities, including destroyers, frigates and landing ships, will join Chinese vessels in the naval parade, sh owing to the world the “firm determination to safeguard peace and seek development with joint efforts,” Qiu said. Organizing multinational naval parades is a unique ceremonial activity of navies, according to Qiu. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy has been active in provi ding security products for the international community sinceRead More →

 International Cooperation two years ago, more countries and inter national organizations have joined in the construction of the Belt and Road. So far, 125 countries and 29 international organiz ations have signed BRI cooperation documents with China, according to Lu. Among them are 16 Central and Eastern European countries and Gr eece. Italy and Luxembourg signed cooperation agreements with China last month to join tly build the Belt and Road. Jamaica also signed similar agreements on Thursday. During Premier Li Keqiang’s European visit last week, both sides agreed to seek greate r synergy between the BRI and the European Union’s strategy for connecting with Asia.Read More →