China will further open up to foreign investors and offer them treatment equal to that of domestic companies with firm prote ction of their legitimate rights, Premier Li Keqiang said at the Boao Forum for Asia on Thursday. The country will fully adopt pre-entry national treatment and negative lists for overseas investment, Li said at the opening ceremony of the forum’s annual conference in Hainan province. By the end of June, China will release the amended negative lists for foreign investment ac cess, he said. “The negative lists will only be shortened. … We will ensure fair competition and common deve lopment for Chinese andRead More →

US senators sharply questioned regulatory officials on Wedne sday about the Federal Aviation Administration’s reliance on Boeing Co’s engineers to cert ify the safety of the company’s new 737 Max 8 aircraft, which was involved in two fatal crashes in the past five months. A self-certification procedure called Organization Designation Authorization came under scr utiny at a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee’s aviation subcommittee in Washington. Testifying wer e Daniel Elwell, acting FAA administrator; Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Saf ety Board; and Calvin Scovel III, Transportation Department inspector general. For decades, the FAA has delegated some authority for certifying new aircraftRead More →

gates more authority to a manufacturer’s employees when certifying the safety of Airbus. Elwell said the FAA conducts strict oversight of all manufacturers. Senator Ed Markey demanded a “yes” or “no” answer from Elwell on whether two safety options that airlines could decline to bu y should have been mandatory on the Max aircraft. Elwell declined to answer with a single word. Some airlines chose to purchase the “angle of attack” system display for readi ngs of two sensors and a “disagree light” to be activated if the sensors produce conflictin g readings while others did not. Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air reportedly declined toRead More →

ister in a row to have fallen foul of divisions over Europe within her centuries-old party, following David Cameron, John Major and Margaret Thatcher. Most voters think the Brexit negotiation has been handled badly and there may now be a slight majority for staying in the EU, rec ent polls suggest. Many Conservative MPs say May herself has caused the chaos by not negotiating harder with the EU. “It was inevitable and I just feel she’s made the right decision. She has actually read the m ood of the party, which was a surprise,” said Conservative lawmaker Pauline Latham. Over two decades since her debutRead More →

 title at the 2011 French Open, warned that increased funding and exposure for the sport does not guarantee Grand Slam champions will follow. “After the US Open (in August), players don’t need to travel overseas with tournam ents held at home one after another,” said Li, who is an ambassador for her hometown Wuhan Open in Hubei province. “However, for the younger players nowadays they are likely to squander the opportuni ties that we had to fight hard to earn, because everything comes easier and more frequently. “They have to focus on the game itself rather than the exposure or expectations off the court toRead More →

 bird’s reproductive system was not behaving normally. The eggshell consists of two layers instea d of one as in normal, healthy bird eggs, indicating the egg was retained too long inside the abdomen, Bailleul said. This condition occurs in living birds as a result of stress. Unlaid eggs may be coated with a second laye r, or sometimes more, of shell. This abnormality has also been documented in sauropod dinosaurs, and in fossil and living turtles. In addition, the eggshell was extremely thin, thinner than a sheet of paper, and did not have the proportions of a healthy egg, Bailleul said. hina’s civil aviation regulatorRead More →

diplomatic ties. During their meetings, Xi agreed with French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to f orge a more solid, stable and vibrant China-France comprehensive strategic partnership, and continue to explore the way for major countries to get al ong with each other, which should feature independence, mutual understanding, foresight, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, Wang said. In the joint statement issued by China and France on jointly safeguarding multilateralism and improving global governa nce, the two sides pledged to build international relations of mutual respect, equality, justice, and win-win coop eration on the basis of respecting international laws and the basicRead More →

came to Europe again in his first overseas trip this year, manifesting the great importance China attaches to Europe, Wang said. In a world of unprecedented transformations, Xi noted that a stable, strategic and reciprocal China-EU relationship is urgently needed. Wang said during his visit, Xi had in-depth communication with the European leaders to discuss cooperation in internation al issues and reached important consensus of adhering to multilateralism, and discarding isolationism and unilateral moves. He also said Xi and the European leaders agreed to enhance coordination and cooperation wit hin the UN system, give full play to the constructive role of global and regional multilateralRead More →

later this week and was working to build support for the deal, which sets out the terms of withdrawing from the EU and the outline of future relations with the bloc. May warned opponents that continuing to reject the deal could lead to a “slow Brexit” that postpones the country’s departure indefinitely. With the March 29 Brexit day set almost two years ago days away and the withdr awaal agreement lacking Parliament’s approval, European leaders agreed to a postponement last week to avoid a ch aotic cliff-edge departure that would be disruptive for the world’s biggest trading bloc and deeply damaging for Britain. However, theRead More →

found changes in the international situation and bilateral relations. He said the importance China attaches to its relations with France has not changed. China has always regar ded France as a priority partner of cooperation, and the two peoples keep a special friendship, he added. “This is a valuable asset that we must inherit and carry forward to keep China-France relations at the forefront of the times,” Xi said.  went on to say that the common pursuit for peace, development, fairness and justice has not changed. He said both China and France uphold the basic norms governing international relations underpinned by the purposes and principlesRead More →