has been the biggest challenge in his over-40-year acting career. “I need to ful ly grasp the Greek co-actors’ lines to keep the plot flowing. The director is very cre ative and actively thinking. He integrates a lot of physical movements into the performance – It’s like nothing yo u have seen in China, which creates a very unique experience for our audience.”   ”Agamemnon shows remarkable directorial skills. Language, movement and music, all the elements come together perfectly. It’s a joy to watch,” sai d Luo Jinlin, renowned theater director and professor at the Central Academy of Drama.   The production design and choreography also leftRead More →

China has set up a national work group for immunization planning that will suggest ways to ensure vaccines are safe, the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday. The work group, led by a vice-minister of health, will analyze all incidents involving vaccine safety over the past few years to find the root sources of problems, Gao Fu, head of the center, said at a news conference. He didn’t name the minister. “Vaccines made in China are some of the best in the world,” said Gao, who is also a member of China’s top poli tical advisory body. “WeRead More →

The night before his historic summit with US President Donald Trump last June, North Kore an leader Kim Jong Un took a surprise stroll in downtown Singapore to see the sights of the wealthy capitalist city. The inference seemed clear. If cash-strapped Pyongyang chooses to engage the world — and ditch its nuclear weapons — this could be its future. Trump and Kim will this month have an even more symbolic backdrop for their next mee ting: Vietnam, a country which transformed itself from bitter US enemy to peaceful partner in less than 50 years. Experts believe the Trump administration plans to sell North KoreaRead More →

  Man: Into the Spider-Verse” swinging off with best animated movie, as the Sony release topped a pair of Disney sequels, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Incredibles 2.” “Free Solo,” a hit documentary about daredevil climber Al ex Honnold, topped the documentary feature category, which also included the Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography “RBG.” In th eir enthusiasm, one of the filmmakers blurted out an expletive that was promptly bleeped.   ”Bohemian Rhapsody’s” other wins came in both sound categories as well editing. Notably, none of the “Rhapsody” winners thanked credited director, Bryan Si nger, who was accused of sexual abuse in January, allegations that the filmmaker hasRead More →

  development trend of relying more on innovation, creation and creativity to foster a change in the structure and quality of financial services.   When it comes to the support of financially-strained private enterprises, he said that market laws shall be respected more and that targeted financial services are needed.   Private firms who are temporarily in difficulties but engage in businesses that match well with the national industrial development plans or focus on the real eco nomy, possess leading technologies and enjoy an advantage in the market shall be prioritized, he said.   ”The healthy development of the real economy is the foundation to prevent and defu seRead More →

  systemic financial risks, are the fundamental tasks of financial work, calling for accelerated construction of the fina ncial market infrastructure and advanced efforts to nationalize key information infrastructure in the sector.   He also urged solid statistics in the financial sector and improvement in the warning system and rules on information disclosure and management.   Education and supervision of senior officials of financial institutions and regulators sh ould be enhanced, and more should be done to fight corruption in the financial sector, Xi said.   He called for dynamic supervision of domestic and cross-border capital flow to enable financial watchdogs to fully monitor all flows.   Xi said tasksRead More →

NEW YORK — A Boeing 767 cargo jetliner with three people on board crashed into a bay near Housto n’s George Bush International Airport on Saturday, said the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is unlikely that anybody could have survived, said Brian Hawthorne, sheriff of the Chambers County of the US state of Texas. Hawthorne told local newspaper Houston Chronicle that police have found human remains at the si te of the crash and investigators have recovered parts of the plane, the largest at 50 feet (around 15 meters) long. The twin-engine plane, operated by Atlas Air, was flying from Miami to Houston whRead More →

  mned the Conservative Party’s shift to the right and warned it was in danger of being taken over by extremists.   Their announcement was timed for maximum impact, dropping just before the weekly s ession of Prime Minister’s Questions. In a move freighted with symbolism, the three ex-Conservative MPs joined the eight former Labour lawmakers on the opposition benches in Parliament on Wednesday.   The move could mark the start of a reshaping of British politics as the clock continues to tick down to March 29, when the U K is due to leave the European Union. With 37 days to go, Parliament has still not approvedRead More →

  meting purchasing power across the country. It’s a situation, Emami says, that has made a lot of treatable cases lethal.   ”I have a patient upstairs … I diagnosed him with brain cancer. The cost of biopsy, the chemotherapy and medication is very high. So, the family asked me if I could leave him be,” says Emami. “Every day, we see this story here.”   Even when families can afford medical equipment they often join long waiting lists. Cardia c pacemakers are in short supply in the country, and patients must abandon their regular lifestyles, an d become admitted to hospitals where they are hooked up toRead More →

  Iran commemorated the 38th anniversary of the US Embassy takeover Saturday with a potent missile display as thousands of de monstrators gathered in Tehran to mark the event that triggered the hostage crisis and sparked the decades-old rift in US-Iranian relations.   On November 4, 1979, Iranian student revolutionaries climbed over the walls of the US E mbassy in Tehran and seized dozens of Americans, holding them hostage for 444 days.   The former embassy compound is known locally as the “den of espionage,” and protests take place in front of it annually.   One of Iran’s most powerful missiles, the Qadr, was prominently featured Saturday, along withRead More →