Small make up said, only if the Chinese New Year to eat once a year cherries…Every time to eat, even very clean nucl ear nothing left!Poverty makes me do not deserve…Cry haw…There is a financial freedom, called cherries freedom!You buy a car journey is how li son?   Yes, a kilo cherries very expensive!Your to eat only one!   So I bought a tree, that’s right, the price is 1.25 yuan.   But he also has a netizen posted, there 8 MAO cherries   Well, there are 7 quarters   Cherries are good fruit.Low GI, it is not easy to cause blood glucose fluctuation ;High in potassium, can help usRead More →

  Netizens seriously, not don’t want to difficult family a better life, but worried that grant to others.   allArticle 821 words, reading aboutNeed to 2 minutes   Bring about figure source network   Recently, a “Shanghai pudong new area government officials visiting the needy families”, has been accused of “tip ping”.This news with the two pictures: a child is difficult family “little soup” to play the piano for the leadership of p hotos, some netizens questioned, “mirror” in the figure of piano suspected imported from Germany, the value of mo re than 380000 yuan;Another, overcrowded has emerged in the home “crystal droplight, double door refr igerator and suspected”Read More →

Mobile phone Chinese news 】 【 people club department to make the public announcement recently, plans to release xperience, and puts forward Suggestions;To participate in the activities of e-sports. E-sports e-sports industry operating division refers to the organization activities and the content of operation personnel.Main task is e-sports event co ncept planning, overall planning and design and develop activities;Maintaining good relationship with online and offline me dia channels, theme of e-sports activities, brand publicity and promotion, coordination and s upervision;E-sports activities commercial value evaluation, the design activity sponsorship rights and interests, a nd expand the cooperation with sponsors, contractors;E-sports event coordination of various resources, orRead More →

  The Spanish team official officer XuanWuLei to join us.   Chinese player finally set foot on the five major league again.   28 evening, la liga Spanish club officials announced that Shanghai port take charge of the core lei transfer success.   For lei and soccer in China, overseas study is a dream, but also must be a step in the Chinese football.   Lei waved in the port, start a new adventure.   Why is the Spanish team?   One season in the past, lei, who scored 27 goals in the five years before, he is also the most goals in the league players every season, the Chinese super leagueRead More →

  On 27 January, nanjing Ming city wall gate of China at the age of 650 Spring Festival couplets hung ceremony is held in the gate, and at the same time, invited 150 calligraphy masters and 400 teenagers on the Ming city wall, writing Spring Festival couplets and New Year with “everyone”, gave citizens free of charge.China news agency reporter Yang wave perturbation   It is understood that the zhongshan gate in nanjing, xuanwu gate, XieFangMen, exit, standard of ebiasaph, Wu Di ng door, set their door, cool and refreshing doors, instrument chicken, Yi jiangm en, ShenCeMen Ming city wall gate will be gradua lly put upRead More →

According to qilu evening news reported on January 28th morning, the Shanghai munic ipal first intermediate people’s court (hereinafter referred to as the same), to an administrative penalty cases inv olving food poisoning for public sentencing.68 customers through consumption “web celebrity shop” de ssert food poisoning, involved companies are engaged in the management of ready-to-use food wi thout permission, regulators involved enterprises over million yuan, confiscate the illegal income and concurrently fined and suspended food business licenses.The same final judgment rej ected involved enterprise cancellation claims of administrative penalty decision.   ”Web celebrity” dessert ingredients contaminated 68 people hospitalized after eating poisoning On July 19, 2017,Read More →

Tencent sports – on January 27th According to the German transfer network’s administrator asaikana liao foo t forward Feng Boyuan will join in jiangsu su ning.It is worth mentioning that Feng Boyuan once Croatia league a broad, club, is the first in Croatia league abroad Chinese players, and appearance record. Feng Boyuan was born in 1995, served in the li ao, equally field as a center, in liao foot few appearance record.At the end of 20 17, Croatia’s serie a teams joining on loan Feng Boyuan, lu.He became the first Chinese player to g league. In shandong, home 1-0 victory over east la, playing inRead More →

On January 25th afternoon, storm group (300431 SZ) share price plunge, plummeting, closed at 8.01 yuan per share, touches down.Previously, the Beijing news reported that the storm group series case the person subjected to execution list by Beijing court. “Lack of money is the storm” group of 2018 keywords.Financial data show that since 2018, the storm of group per formance fallen bluff type, financial conditions continued to deteriorate, the financing difficult. Direction and similar logic, in fact, because of business group has often been likened to “Letv” storm, some even dire ctly to the storm group known as the “is”, to express concern about theRead More →

Recently, Ukraine, a senior at the female medical students due to rush out did not carry a purse, can’t afford it Gerry’s 25 (about 6 yuan) was kicked off a driver bus fares.Due to the cold weather at the time, the girl finally were frozen to death. Data was photographed: packer Britain’s mirror newspaper reported Thursday about it.According to the re port, this female student named irina, 21, was heading to Ukraine in the north of the hospital to visit her sick m other.And after irina, get on the car, because forgot to take my wallet can’t afford to pay the fare, the driver droveRead More →

Usual not rob train ticket, can also set up a “free ride”, this year’s Spring Festival transportation drops downwind car online? Drops off Spring Festival are not onlineIn 2019, according to China news net work reported “Spring Festival” has pulled open the curtain.Official national transportation capacity this year is ex pected to reach 2.99 billion, hit a record high.For smooth completion of the Spring Festival this year, Chinese “s ea,” a variety of vehicle gearing up horsepower.But because of the Spring Festival this year early flows for migrant w orkers, students, visiting travel peak flow superposition, a ticket is hard to find the phenomenon stillRead More →