According to the Beijing Youth Daily, on the afternoon of December 31, six younger children held the Beijing launch ceremony of the autobiography “Pedestrian” and the readers’signing and selling meeting at Xinhua Shangli Bookstore in Shijingshan, Beijing. The organizer notified that a release and signing event would be held at 14:30 p.m. on that day, and that a media interview session of about 20 minutes would be arranged before that. But when a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily arrived at the bookstore before 14 o’clock, he was told that the interview had been temporarily cancelled. It is understood that the decision was made by aRead More →

According to the Tianfu Morning Post, Zhou Dongping, a lawyer of Chengdu Taihe Tai Law Firm, said: “According to the relevant provisions, the number of days of annual leave that should not be taken can be compensated by three times the daily wage.” About half of workers enjoy paid annual leave As for holidays, there is a widely circulated saying: “Europeans work for better holidays, while Chinese people spend their holidays for better work.” As early as 1936, France established relevant laws and became the first country in the world to establish a paid annual leave system. Until 1995, the Chinese also had the sameRead More →

On December 27, Russia announced the completion of the construction of the border wall between Ukraine and Crimea, just as US President Trump was frustrated by the delay in obtaining funds for a border wall. Russian media took this opportunity to shout Trump on the 28th, emphasizing Russia’s advantages in working hours and cost, which means “adding congestion”. Video/Observer Network Zhang Yiqing Trump, look! Russia’s Crimean-Ukraine border wall has been completed. “Despite the difficulties of some politicians in repairing the wall, Russia has completed the border separation facility between Crimea and Ukraine,” the Russian website said today. Screenshots of RT reports RT emphasized the advantagesRead More →

The latest issue of Feng Wei has three guests, Zhang Yishan, Xie Xian and Wang Mingquan. Xie Xian seldom participates in variety arts. This time, he and his friend Wang Mingquan are guests. They can say that they are very supportive of Tse Tingfeng’s food cause. In the program, 82-year-old Xie Xian surprisingly appeared. Xie Xian wore a white suit with a white high-collar shirt and a golden necklace. He was very young, handsome and tasteful. He was not like a man in his eighties, but like a man in his forties. Xie Xian and Wang Mingquan’s “The King of Thousand Kings” is very popular.Read More →

Late in the night of 29, Wang Sicong’s Weibo video was deleted in seconds, and was hotly discussed on the Internet! What’s the matter? Originally, some netizens saved the video content deleted by Wang Sicong seconds. It was a picture of three young women riding bicycles. The video was accompanied by the laughter of Principal Wang. Afterwards, some netizens picked up a woman who was suspected of Cyber Red zz Xiaohei and was once exposed as Lin Renewal’s girlfriend. Why did Wang Sicong delete videos in seconds? Yesterday, late at night on December 29, Wang Sicong deleted a video in a second on his Weibo,Read More →

Zhejiang woman Alan (a pseudonym) was arrested 11 times by the police for drug abuse in the past eight years, but each time because she was pregnant, she escaped legal punishment and turned to community drug treatment. On December 29, Peng Mei News learned from the Xianju County Public Security Bureau in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province that Alan was arrested by the police again recently for drug abuse. She had not been pregnant or breastfeeding since her last abortion. At present, the public security organs have sent her to a drug rehabilitation center to enforce compulsory isolation and detoxification for two years. “This is anRead More →

The game fish anchor deliberately dropped points in the live broadcast of LOL, and then maltreated vegetables. After being discovered by careful netizens, he took the initiative to admit the mistakes. The next edition will take you to see the specific reasons for the accident. What’s the matter with LOL Sima’s live apology? As a result, the word of mouth among LOL players has dropped sharply in recent days, and live broadcasters are full of various rhythmic barrages. For this kind of behavior, Da Sima responded to it for the first time since its broadcast. In the live broadcast, Da Sima personally admitted that heRead More →

The news of the pyramid explosion in Egypt has been buzzing in the past two days. Many friends who want to travel to Egypt in the New Year are paying attention to what’s going on. In fact, this mainly refers to the explosion near the Egyptian Pyramid at 6 p.m. yesterday, December 28. A bus loaded with 14 people from Vietnam was driving along a section of the road near the Giza Pyramid on the outskirts of Cairo when it was hit by a bomb, which resulted in three deaths and many injuries, including the driver of the bus. So far no one or organizationRead More →

On December 27, the Ministry of Finance issued a circular on the convergence of preferential policies after the amendment of the Personal Income Tax Law. It mainly involves seven major concerns: Policies on one-time bonus for the whole year, deferred payment of annual performance salary for the head of a central enterprise and term Award On the Policy of Equity Incentive of Listed Companies Policies on Commission Income of Insurance Marketing Personnel and Securities Brokers On the Policy of Individual Receiving Enterprise Annuity and Occupational Annuity On the Policy of One-time Compensation Income for Releasing Labor Relations, Early Retirement and Internal Retirement On the PolicyRead More →

Eating delicious food is a kind of enjoyment for all people. Nowadays, Chinese people are increasingly demanding to eat. Many people are especially keen on stimulating food to stimulate taste buds. After all, you are my favorite spicy stick, “bullies don’t know what citronella looks like”, “I always thought Weilong spicy stick is the most sanitary in the spicy stick industry.” From the photos, we can see that a very obvious insect is not citronella at all. We hope that relevant departments can investigate it clearly and give consumers a fair answer. Don’t be keen on stimulating food to stimulate taste buds. Spicy sticks areRead More →