Since Myanmar embarked on its political transition, political elites in the country have championed that peace is the premise for economic and social developme nt. In the first two years of the government led by National League for Democracy (NLD), Nay Pyi Taw devoted a lot of efforts to promoting national recon ciliation with the hope of making a major breakthrough and consolidating public support. Regrettably, results are no t satisfactory. The NLD government is currently locked in a stalemate over national reconciliation. It has also performed poorly in boosting the economy and improving people’s lives. Main economic indicators suggest that since the N LDRead More →

rts with the Chinese team to strive for the conclusion of a deal that meets the interests of both sides. “We bring the best wishes of President Trump. He’s asked us to state that he also places great importance on his personal relationship with you,” Lighthizer said. “We have had two very good days of negotiations. We feel that we have made headway on some very, very important and very difficult issues,” he said. “We have additional work we have to do but we are hopeful.” Xi asked Lighthizer and Mnuchin to extend his sincere greetings to President Trump, saying that he cherishes their goodRead More →

The police department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) set up the Sina Weibo account Hong Kong Police on Jan 29, which was welcomed by a large number of netizens. The official account so far boasts more than 140,000 fans, with some posts receiving more than 10,000 comments. The account Hong Kong Police focuses mainly on practical information like crime prevention and event ar rangements, such as the Lunar New Year fireworks display and traffic control measures during the celebration parade. The latest data from the Hong Kong Tourism Board shows that among the 58 million visitors to H ong Kong in the first 11 months ofRead More →

she would not keep quiet in exchange for various conditions and the Western media is backing her stand. The Swedish Mi nistry of Foreign Affairs said it already launched an internal investigation into Lindstedt, who had been appointed for an other position in the Swedish government in March. Lindstedt has now been recalled to her country. Is Angela Gui telling the truth? The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has responded that China has never and will never authorize anyone to be in contact with her. China handled Gui’s case in accordance with the law and legal p rocedures. People need to be aware of Angela’s uniqueRead More →

versity. He found himself in hot water last week on social media after a netizen accused him of plagiarism. The academy launched its own investigation on Mon day. It completed its preliminary collection of evidence and notified Zhai, adding it has zero tolerance f or academic misconduct and will look into other matters uncovered by netizens. In a public apology posted on Sina Weibo on Thursday, Zhai said, “I lost myself amid a mentality of vanity and good luck.” “After I starred in a few films and TV series, I became full of myself and forgot honesty is the most important principle,” Zhai said. “VanityRead More →

that the negotiations have been progressing “very well” and he might reportedly even let the March 1 deadline “slide for a little while” — have been taken as portents that progress is being made and a positive result may well be on the way. Especially as White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has raised the possibility of Trump meeting with Pres ident Xi Jinping at the US president’s personal retreat at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, sometime in March — The White Ho use has previously said the two leaders would have to meet to strike the final bargain. The market never lies, as the saying goes.Read More →

The bureau is soliciting public opinion on the draft until Feb 20. With the new standard, major polluting gas from light-duty vehicles, including ca rbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, will be reduced by about 50 percent and em issions of particulate matter will be reduced by about 40 percent, according to the bureau. For heavy-duty diesel-powered trucks, the emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter are expected to drop by more than 60 percent, it said. Mobile sources, mainly vehicles, contributed 45 percent of locally generated hazardous particles known as PM2.5 in 2017, outnumbering all other types of sources, according to the bureau. Beijing hasRead More →

i’s papers published in an academic journal, was uploaded to CNKI and the similarity score for the 2,783-word article was 40.4 percent. Another post by the same blogger claimed that Zhai’s doctoral graduation dissertation could not be found in the CNKI database, while all the graduation dissertations written by his classmates could be found there. The posts stirred a heated debate among netizens, with many saying academic misconduct was unfair to students who had worked hard to obtain a degree. They have called for strict rules to curb such behavior. “For someone with a PhD, how could he not know what the CNKI is? AndRead More →

for a house than in a big city,” he said. “I attended the first job fair to be held in my hometown on Sunday. I’m considering some job interviews and the salaries offered.” Ningbo, Zhejiang province, will hold 44 job fairs from Tuesday to late March-42 percent more than last year. Among them are eight large job fairs starting on Feb 16. More than 900 companies are ex pected to attend each of the fairs, which will be held on Saturdays and Sundays for a month. Starting in March, Ningbo will organize more than 2,200 compa nies and government-affiliated institutions to attend 100 job fairsRead More →

subdistricts that were built in 2000. In the first three years of the century, the population quickly rose to more than 100,000. The family of Beijing native Du Bo moved to Tiantongyuan in 2005 because at 5,600 yuan per sq m the area was still relatively cheap. “Our old home in Haidian district was scheduled for urgent demolition, so we had to find another place to live,” the 26-year-old said. Though the family would have preferred an apartment in the downtown, Du’s parents could not afford to move to such an expensive area. The urgency of the situation meant the family of four, which includedRead More →