ting the spirit of December’s Central Economic Work Conference. Macro policies should be stable, micro policies should be flexible and social policies should guarantee the basic needs of the grassroots people, the statement said. Macro policies should focus on promoting high-quality growth and stimulating market vitality. The importance of manufacturing’s high-quality development in stabilizing economic growt h was stressed. Traditional industries should be guided to upgrade, and new industries should grow stronger. The development of small and medium-sized companies and private businesses should be supported through measures like s peeding up the supply-side structural reform of finance and providing better loan services, the stat ementRead More →

progress of reforms and new developments of the capital market. A draft amendment to the law was previously submitted to the top legislature for first reading in April 2015, mainly to meet the legislative demand of reforming the IPO system toward a registration-based one. The first draft also improved rules on developing a multi-layer capital market system, strengthen ing investor protection, promoting securities industry innovations and enhancing regulation. New revisions were submitted for a second reading in April 2017 to im prove regulation on such areas as stock trading, acquisitions of listed firms, information disclo sure and investor protection. The second draft also demanded theRead More →

More than 60 countries will send delegations to join multinational naval events marking the anniv ersary, and over 30 countries of them will send major navy leaders to participate, according to Qiu. Nearly 20 foreign vessels of various capabilities, including destroyers, frigates and landing ships, will join Chinese vessels in the naval parade, sh owing to the world the “firm determination to safeguard peace and seek development with joint efforts,” Qiu said. Organizing multinational naval parades is a unique ceremonial activity of navies, according to Qiu. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy has been active in provi ding security products for the international community sinceRead More →

have improved the company’s stocking and inventory processes. “Earlier we were reliant on the intuitions and experience of the local operation team. With the use of technology like AI and big data, we are getting more accurate answers.” As a larger and older retailer, Walmart has constantly worked with startups, said McMillon, citing the new Omega 8 platf orm that enables retail innovation startups to collaborate with Walmart China to create better services for customers. McMillon cited the example of a scanning ring developed by a starup for Walmart that shortens pickup time for JD Daojia orders to less than 10 minutes and impr ovementsRead More →

this”, in the form of an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of China by barring scholars wh o have great familiarity with US politics and policymaking and have the ear of Chinese officials. Douglas H. Paal, vice-president of the Asia Program at the Carn egie Endowment for International Peace, said it appears that the scholars who best unders tand the US and communicate well with China’s leaders are being denied visas or threatened with denial. “I don’t see how this is in America’s interest,” Paal said. Some US media have mentioned that China also denies visas to US academics, but Taylor and Paal said that hasRead More →

owth. We have the confidence, conditions and capability to mee t the projected targets for economic and social deve lopment this year,” Yuan told an NDRC news conference on Thursday in Beijing. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed China’s economy grew at a faster-than-e xpected 6.4 percent year-on-year in the first quarter, remaining at the to p end of the government’s projected growth range of 6 to 6.5 percent for this year. The growth was unchanged from that in the fourth quarter of 2018. Zhang Chenghui, former director at the finan cial research institute of Development Research Center of the State Cou ncil,Read More →

Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) supervised the test-fire of a new tactical guided weapon, state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Thursday. Kim “supervised and guided a test-fire of a new-type tactical guided weapon cond ucted by the Academy of Defense Science on Wednesday,” the KCNA reported. The design indexes of the weapon, with advantages of “the p eculiar mode of guiding flight and the load of a powerful warhead,” were “perfectly verified at the test-fire con ducted in various modes of firing at different targets,” the report said, giving no details of the weapon. “Tactical”Read More →

creased by 5.4 percent year-on-year, 11.9 percentage points lower than that in the first quarter 2018. Individual income tax decreased by 29.7 percent, the largest drop among three major tax item s. Value-added tax growth has already slowed to 10.7 percent, down from 20.1 percent a year earlier. Local government income from land sales fell 9.5 percent in the first three months, the Ministry of Finance said. As the central bank has taken a pause in monetary easing, fiscal policy should remain pro active to stabilize economic growth and ensure the recent rebound is not just a seasonal fluke, said economists. Xu Xianchun, a formerRead More →

end manufacturing, finance, sharing economy, medical care and elderly care indust ries,” Osuga said, adding Japan and China will push forward cooperation in more areas this year. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the dialogue on Sunday that Ch ina hopes the two sides can make steady headway in promoting bilateral investments and trade coope ration, and actively explore third-party market cooperation as well as local cooperation. Osuga said the Japanese government’s position on the Belt and Road Initiative remains unchan ged, as it expects to conduct cooperation with China in a third market, promote trade and invest ment liberalization andRead More →

Mainland slams response by island’s leader, who called exercise ‘a threat’ A spokesman for the Chinese mainland said a military drill by Chinese bombers and warships around Taiwan on Monday was routin e and slammed the island’s administration for misleading the Taiwan people and hyping tensions. On Monday, various warships, bombers and reconnaissance aircr aft of the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command conducted “necessary train ing” around Taiwan as a means to test the joint assault capability between different branches of the military, Senior Colone l Zhang Chunhui, the theater command’s spokesman, said in a statement on Monday. The exercise took place in watersRead More →